Buying from Steam - Some newbie questions

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  • Hello there,

    I am a newbie, not only for using Construct 2 but also for making games with any other tool.

    Currently I am considering buying Construct 2 from Steam, but I would like to confirm some questions or ask for your experience.

    I have been using the free version of Construct 2 from Steam and never had any issues (no crashes, no authenticity problems etc.) and I really love using Steam, so I wouldn't mind opening steam and running Construct 2 under it.

    But what about the custom content posted in Scirra forums, like plugins-extensions? Can they also be used with Steam version?

    And, for the assets bundle given to the personal licence buyers, I think it is also available for Steam customers, right? I saw these lines in Construct 2 blog and just wanted to know if it is still valid:

    [quote:o0g9urrq]Media bundle

    Normally when purchasing Construct 2 we email you a link to the media bundle with your sprites, sound effects and music that you get with the license. This doesn't happen when buying on Steam. From r117 and onwards, there's a one-time prompt to download your bundle, and there's also a link in the About dialog to download it. If you don't want to wait until the next stable update, email us at and we'll send you the bundle.

  • Yes. Everything is true. You have acesss to everything. Actually, there are no difference between steam users and the others. I bought it from steam 1 year ago. No regrets. The best program I bought. So, go ahead and buy it. Worth every penny.

  • It is great to hear that. Thanks for the info

  • No problem. If you need help, pm me.

  • gamewanderer

    I have been using the Standard Licences on steam for about a year. I even wrote a review there for the steam version. I use about as many plugins and other features as scirra provides naively. Also a big plus for steam would be that Construct 2 is updated automatically as new stable releases come out and I have been working on the same project for about 9 Months and have yet to come across any compatibility issues from features updating or adding new ones.

    The only issue I had with steam when updating to the paid version is that I did not get the rep for owning the game. Which was immediately fixed by the helpful staff just include your purchase number when wighting the report included in the email sent to you from steam when you make the purchase

    And like koss said it is probably the best thing I ever bought on steam. Currently I am up to 526 hours logged in to C2.

    To add a plugin is simple just download it, usually as a zip from the creators hosting site like DropBox and unzip it in C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Construct2\Construct2-Win32\exporters\html5 and then either \plugins or \behaviors depending on what you add. It also works the same with 64bit just chose the needed folder.

    I recommend checking out rexrainbow's body of work. He even made a rexrepo app that will auto install his plugins and will even keep track of updates.

    Feel free to message me if you need any advice. I know I have a lot of things still to learn but I have got the program learned pretty well.

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  • Hello guys,

    Thank you very much for your descriptive and helpful responses.

    I decided to buy Construct 2 on Steam, I'll be more active soon

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