How do I make a bungee cord jump physics effect?

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  • for example a player bungee jumps from a tower and then controls a guy based on force of the hit with a bat sends the bungee jumper flying and the further the more score until the bungee jumper falls and collapses and dies, yes i am doing the sprites and music and sound effects and i will even put you in the credits if you help with the game.

  • Hmm this one is tough , SO let me get this right? The guy jumps off a tower and has a fall motion like bullet? and you're controlling the hitter now with different force variables in play, So hmm i'm not sure if you could just reverse the direction? or cause a bounce effect for starters? like when player swings spawn Invisible box, The bungee guy hits this box and booms away? then perhaps have different size boxes ready to spawn, Depending on the force this would decide which size box is spawned, lets number then 1 2 3 4 etc so when box 1 is visible set bullet speed 100, when box 2 is visible set speed 200 etc? And throw in the gravity to make the guy stop eventually?

  • But you'd also have to check the Bungee guys position before spawning the box otherwise he'd zoom away even after you've swung (if you miss) or check the animation, for example IDLE and SWING, When Animation Swing is playing spawn the box, when Animation Idle is playing destroy the box? Not totally 100% on this as i'm just spitballing ideas,... But good luck! If you want anymore input get in touch. If i think of other ideas i'll just drop them here,

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  • Physics behavior - Apply force towards position. The position would be the end of the bungee cord/attachment/origin point. Use distance from object to origin point, the farther the distance the greater the force applied, to create the bungee effect.

    As for the bat, you can check collision or overlap between the bat and bungee object, then Apply Impulse Towards Angle. Impulse is how hard you want the hit to be, and angle you can use the angle between the bat and the bungee object.

  • Wayyyyyyyyyyyy better explanation!

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