My bullets don't spawn from the tip of the gunld

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  • I was trying to learn Construct 2 by recreating the tutorial top-down shooter but I've hit a snag, for whatever reason my shots don't originate from the tip of the gun like they should, instead they're far off to one side (see attached image)

    Anything I should be checking for to see if it's set correctly? I can't figure out why it's doing this.

  • Have you set the position of the image point correctly in the sprite editor? Double click on the sprite that is meant to fire the bullet to open the image editor > Click on the 'set origin and image points' icon > Check the image point you are using is at the tip of the gun.

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  • oh yeah I did that ... firing left or right produces the same result as in the picture, firing up is close, but it's off to the right and originates from behind him, firing down doesn't seem to do anything.

  • Are you spawning the bullets on the correct layer?

  • yeah it's all exactly as described in the tutorial, so I can't figure out where I'm going wrong (I attached the project file so you guys could see what its doing)

  • actually I think I fixed it! I went back and resized the area cause it wasn't set to 1200x1024 and that seemed to fix the bullets coming from off to the side! Hopefully tomorrow I can finish the last parts of the game maybe add some sounds/music. But thanks for the suggestions guys!

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