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  • Hi,

    i have trouble with bullet direction.

    All bullets change direction,

    I shot 10 bullet on right side press A and cast a couple of another bullets

    on left side but first 10 change direction on left to. After press D

    and first 10, second couple and new bullets changed ALL direction on right...

    How can I fix this, when cast a new bullet I want older not to be changed?

  • Remove the Set angle to 0 degrees, and instead of having System create the object of the bullet, set it so that the Player object spawns the bullet. It should then travel from the player and their facing direction.

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  • I do that but again have problem...

    T80 going well but bullet always going on right side...

    And if I put action when letter A pressed (bullet0001 change angle -180) all bullets change direction on left.

    How to avoid that "memory"?

  • Hmm... can you please upload your .capx and I'll take a look at your events and try and get it working for you, .

  • No event picks any jullet for the changing direction. So all are affected.

    I suggests to set the angle in the same event the bullet is created.

  • This is all code...

    Does 8 direction behaviors can be problem?

  • Hi there. Is there a reason you are using 'set mirrored' and 'set not mirrored' on the bullet? Is there any reason to change the bullets direction in flight?

    If not, I would get rid of set mirrored and not mirrored for the bullet. As you spawn it from T80 it should already face the right direction.

  • A possible solution

  • Yesterday I deleted all and start from zero, now it's work... -,-

    But I must watch much more tutorial.

    Thank you all for you time and help!

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