How do I Make bullet appearance still while changing angle

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  • Hi there. I made a bee creature that flies towards the hero thanks to the bullet behavior. It is created by a beehive every so often when on-screen. The thing is, the bee sprite rotates while changing direction, and i don't want that to happen. Is there an easy way around it?

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  • When you click on your bee object in the projects window or in your layout, you can set options on the left side of your screen.

    If you put "Set Angle" to "No" the bee will not change it's angle based on it's direction.

  • Now bees just go right, but rotate towards the hero. It's because i made the bee sprite to set angle towards hero's position. Is there a way to set bullet's motion towards a position?

  • You can use the "Set angle" and "Set angle towards position" actions when clicking on a bullet object while choosing an action.

  • At this point the bullet changes direction based on object's angle, and the angle changes towards hero's position. When i put "Set Angle" to "No", bullet doesn't change direction at all. What i want, is to make bullet turn towards hero's position without this workaround

    There are "set angle", and "set angle towards" options, and there is "set angle of motion", but i don't see "set angle of motion towards", and it is kinda what i need.

  • Set angle of motion to angle(self.x, self.y, player.x, player.y).

  • It works now! Thank you so much

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