Bug: Theses lines don't work. (Or i'm very stupid)

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  • Hi ! I'm trying to make a game, (a clicker) but my second buyable ameilloration (+1 Coin Per Second) don't work, you will understand with the video and the screenshot down there.


  • Sorry i've forgotted, here the video:


  • Hmm the logic seems ok. Maybe the object doesn't have a collision box? It's guesswork without the original file.

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  • Thank you !! It's worked ! :D But now i have another problem: When i have the good number of Coins to buy the upgrade (The Coin with a cursor on it) and i click on Shop to go to the shop layer, the game automaticly do the buy of the upgrade, without i click on the sprite. Here's a screen from the code (i have added a line but i don't think it's that)


    PPS= Pièce Par Secondes (Coins Per Seconds in English)

    PPC= Pièce Par Click (Coins Per Click in English)

    PCP= Prix Curseur (en) Pièce (Price Cursor (made of) Coins in English)

    The others valors aren't important (I think).

  • These are different layouts, right? Do all layouts that require this logic have the correct event sheet assigned?

    (in the project list on the right, find and left click the layout, then on the properties bar on the left, check for "event sheet" - and adjust, if necessary)

  • Yeah, Layers are goodly assiged to the good event sheets !

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