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  • Hi

    How can we make breakable bricks as in super jim jump kind of game when player hits the block or brick it should brake and its pieces should fall on platform and slowly disappear.And how can we give jumping effects .I mean when player landed on platform there should be some effects like dust.

    Thanks in advance

  • You will need to have the brick spawn-other-objects when hit right after you destroy it. The "pieces" will all need to be spawned (I would use a function call) and affected by a slight random force to push them outward. All the "pieces" would need to be physics objects so they will fall with gravity (unless you move them manually via bullet, etc). If they are physic enabled they will land on solid (floor, platform, etc). You would also need to add the fade behavior to them set to disabled and then enable it when you want them to fade.. either by timer on creation, collision check, or testing whether they are moving anymore.

    The player landing effect is basically the same principle. You will need to put an image point at your player's feet and use it to spawn-other-object being your dust sprite that fades away or a particle effect you make with the particle object.

  • add the dust animation to playersprite and player- on landed - play landed animation; or, create an image point at the bottom of your player sprite, and player-on landed-create new object- sprite 2, at image point 2; with sprite2 being your dust animation. if creating a new object, you can use, sprite2 - on created -set animation 1, wait x seconds, destroy (or fade, destroy)

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  • also if you know how many pixels your players feet are away from the main image point you could say create image player.x,player.y+(number of pixels away from image point feet are) . when dealing with y axis, y+ a number is down, and Y- a number is up.

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