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  • How are source and destination defined? I'm assuming source is the object or layer the effect is applied to. How do they interact with multiple layers/objects beneath them? Is there a way to isolate a specific destination (just one layer/object beneath it, instead of all?)

    I was trying to set up a simple clipping mask on scrolling menu items as an overlay while allowing other layers and game layout to be shown beneath and around the menu.

  • The object being drawn is the source and what's already been drawn is the destination. If you use the "force own texture" on a layer then for objects on that layer the destination is only what's been drawn on the layer.

    The paster/canvas plugins can be used to isolate what's being drawn where in cases where layers with their own texture isn't enough.

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  • Thanks that makes things a lot more clear! Force own texture is what I needed.

    So by having an object at the top of the layer with the Destination In or Out effect applied, that object will clip everything else below it on that layer only, while other layers are unaffected.

  • Yeah, as long as the layer has "force own texture" enabled.

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