Which way is the best for teaching chemical reactions

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  • Hi I am Martin and im from Mexico

    I am 15 years old and I will present a project for my final grade.

    While most of other students are doing common volcanoes and boring demostrations, I will make a chemistry simulator like l "little alchemy"

    I will ask the teachers to bring their ipads and I will host the project over wifi so while I explain they can try it by themselves.

    ¿Do you think this is a good idea?

    ¿Hosting 15 or more people would make the wifi become slow?

    thank you

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  • If you can pull it off I think its an awesome idea, it would impress most people and involving the teachers during the exam will be something new and fun for them as well

    [quote:1cup0cn4]¿Hosting 15 or more people would make the wifi become slow?

    It depends on the internet connection, but unless its really slow I don't think it would make any different if you hosted it to 100 people or even more.

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