best way to lay out a game?

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  • I wondering how a game should be built and how it should flow in a very general sense. Suppose you have a game that has a hub location where you can then travel to procedurally generated levels. When the level is done, you return to the hub location.

    My thought is you would have one layout as the introductory menu screen with maybe an options screen on a layer above. Then when you start the game, you would go to a different layout and create the player object. When you select the level, you would go to a different level layout on which a level would be generated. When that level is done, the layout would be cleared, and the player would go back to the hub layout. When he selects a different layout, it would go back to the same level layout but a different level would be a generated.

    Is there a better way to do this? I originally had an inventory screen which would overlay the playing screen in a higher layer. If I used two layouts, I would have to make the same inventory screen, right? And how do you make the player persist through each layout to retain its stats?

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