What is the best advice for game limitations?

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  • I couldn't find any other threads on game limitations so starting one here!

    I was just wondering if anyone has any constructive advice on limiting game features/functions for non-paying players of a game. I dont like the idea of adverts as these are super annoying but possibly considering the use of nag screens as an option with a timer for each level completed but is this too irksome also? I don't want to be a scrooge as games are meant to be fun so I guess I am just looking for a happy medium really.

    The other alternative I have been thinking of recently is to just state a once off payment from the outset i.e. removing any annoying limitations (inspired by listening to a recent C2 podcast). The only issue with this is perhaps maybe I cut my audience down significantly by doing that!

    So I guess that is my question and I'm reaching out to anyone with a bit of experience that can share some advice please, thank you!

  • This is a really hard part, deciding how to make money with your app/game...

    You could try what they did in the olden days... Make 1 game free, then have more games that cost...

    (I know games like commander keen did this) or even a demo version... like Jazz jackrabbit 2 (Love the classics)

    In game items for real cash seems to work well, but is really hard to balance/make it fun for everyone (for the high paying players as well as the no paying players...)

    I do like the approach by some games, where you can watch an ad for in game things... so it doesn't force you to watch it, but you choose to...

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  • antares330

    Thanks very much for your advice and reply. I hadn't thought of the demo approach! I actually really like that idea - offering a game with no limitations to showcase perhaps a brand of gaming - so if you like this game you might be interested in others that are paid versions - this seems to be what I am going for long term. I understand that we cannot possibly please everyone, I guess trying to cover the basics will be a starting point i.e. no annoying adverts (3rd party) - I do like the idea of game based adverts but only on a positive note where the player can gain advantage/progress in the game i.e. "use voucher code to unlock coins/badges" or something along those lines. The in-game cash angle - I am very new to C2 so this seems rather daunting to me right now but something to consider yes.. I might be able to incorporate website elements such as a cart into the game but not sure if that's even possible yet - still lots more studying to do!

    Thanks again for your feedback, very much appreciated.

  • If you are just getting started... Watch Extra credits on Youtube, the Fail faster episode first (Youtube search: Extra credits fail faster)

    Those videos helped me a lot when it comes to making games!

  • antares330

    Awesome share! Thanks for this, it's actually something I'm beginning to realise that keeping it simple is key rather than over thinking the game etc. I am always open to critique good or bad it's how we get better and improve after all, feedback is priceless! Thanks again for this little nugget I'm gonna watch and listen to the series now ty!

  • Glad you like these as much as I do

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