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  • Hello,

    I'm just wondering how come the right side of the screen cuts off on half a tile, when tiles are 32*32.

    Also does anyone have a good resource on setting up tile maps, and locating an empty space? I've got tiles snapping on drag and drop, but I've got to be able to move things to an empty tile if they're dropped on a used tile...

    Thanks for the info.


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  • The tiles may be 32x32 but when you click on the tilemap object in the tree and look to the detail panel on the left dose that say your tiles are 32x32?

  • The image below will show what I mean by the dotted line being half on a tile.

    Another question I thought of was after reading the Rayman article. It said many designers use 512*512 images for backgrounds, to help with resource and memory management. The only thing is a 512 image goes above the canvas view.

    I never was real good with images and dimensions, but have learned a lot along the way. I just need to understand these specific problems.



  • JeremyBenson11

    That dotted line is the right boundary of your viewport window. Click on the top most folder of your project, usually the folder that is the name of your game. Then on the left under properties you can change the "Window Size" if you wish to have a window of 512x512 then you will change the window with and height to 512 and 512. Then using your 32x32 tile set you will then have a 16x16 grid on your page to do with as you please.

    Your project properties have a lot of features to look at for every object in the game. When stuck on something looking there is usually a good place to start.

  • Is there in-depth info on how all these numbers work. I've set window size to 512, 512.. and then in the layout I've set layout size to 512, 512 and margins to 512, 512. I would have thought that 512, 512 size would be the size of my window. But if I put a block in that canvas, covering the the whole 512 area, there's still white space.. I have to stretch the block to the right, into the grey, in order to actually cover fall the white of the screen in the browser...

    Is there a way to disable window sizing?

  • Okay, there was a bug. I closed out construct and now setting the window size actually moves the dotted gray line. Thanks for your help . The only thing wrong is everything is off by a pixel in width. I set window size to 512, 512, and layout size by 512, 512.. then created a sprite and filled it. The square sprite set to 512x512 has a px of white space. it doesn't fill the window even though the dimension are the same. If I nudge the sprite to the right the white space shows up on the left. Not sure why...

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