How do I see background when creating sprites ?

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  • Hi !

    I wish to create a platform game, i already have my background and I wanted to create small sprites (or tiled background, but no collision polygon setting..) that will follow my background details.. but when i create sprites, I don't see the background behind ! Is there a way to make my sprites in a "paintover" way ?

    thx !

  • Did you set your background image to its own layer.. say "background" and then lock it in the right side list (lock icon beside layers names)? The lock keeps it from being selected and ignore clicks and drags. Also make sure the background image is behind all other layers in the z ordering.

  • I did but that didn't change my problem at all, I'm sorry, I don't know if i've been really clear about that

    I did a screen to explain :

    So I have to do it "blindly" and that's a problem

  • Hi, there's no way to do what you're asking exactly in C2 - if you're wanting to create art assets in that way you'd be best off working in Photoshop or some other art program that has layers and then importing it back into Construct. If you're just trying to create collision for your platforms, have you thought about just making a couple of invisible generic collison/platform sprites and just manipulating those all over the background art to handle the platforms? Like this:

  • Thx ! I will test both options

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  • So I imported an art asset from photoshop and it worked so well, thx again !

    I also did my animation settings for my playable sprite (mirrored and no mirrored, stop to a certain frame when jumping...) that's all OK, except one thing : When the layout starts, my sprite automaticaly start his "walking" animation

  • Do you have an idle status set up for your player.. ie. no key being pressed play idle animation?

  • I just set a "static" animation, but I don't know what event could do.. when I do with "system/on start of layout", it blocks the other animations... and with "keyboard" I don't have a condition "no key being pressed" (I have key released but that don't match).

    Edit : OK, found ! With "platform on stopped" !

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