How do I avoid sticky collisions and collision boosting?

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  • I'm making a top down game and whenever the player runs into a wall too fast, they'll get stuck.

    Trying to move just moves them around the border of the wall until they luck out and manage to somehow break it's grasp by rotating and moving away.

    And often times that boosts the player as they're flung away from the wall at last.

    The player has custom movement and platformer movement for the sole purpose of not being able to move through walls.


    One solution I've thought of would be for the player to bounce off the walls like a billards ball. The player is moving often moving really fast so a ricochet would be really neat.

    Any ideas on how to make that possible?

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  • Did you use 'push out solid' from the CustomMovment?

    If that doesn't work and your player stuck in walls you could use the reverse-action from the CustomMovment when overlapping the wall.

  • Might gives you an idea:

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