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    Help! I did a cursory search of the beginners' forum, but still have a question. I've just downloaded the free version to Construct 2 to see if I can ween myself off of Gamesalad...but I find in the very first platformer tutorial I can't find the files I'm supposed to import into the game, I've searched my C drive for the appropriate png's but the don't seem to be there. It all go very complicated after that 'cause I couldn't follow along with the tutorial.

    let me know if I've downloaded the program incorrectly, need some guidance finding the files or they are not available in my version.



    Sabotcat - the beginning of the tutorial describes how you need a license to have the files, or you can use the beginner's guide with free assets. Locking this post, please post new threads and don't reply here.

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