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  • I'm sure this is a beginners question and I'm just missing something.

    So what I wanna do is pull info from an array and use that info to place one object onto another. I would like to correspond the cell number to one object's UID and the value info as another object's UID. Using this on a large scale with multiple instances to randomize blocks on a grid. I haven't really been using Array's so I'm kinda confused by all this.

    For instance:

    My Array's X cell 0 has the value of 23.

    So I'd like to pick a Block with the UID(or IID) of 0

    And place it on top of the Grid square with the UID(or IID) of 23

    And do this for every instance of Block there is

    Right now I have the conditions:

    Array Repeat for each X element
    Block: Pick instance with UID Array.CurX
    Grid: Pick instance with UID Array.CurValue[/code:3lajoexu]
    However that's not doing what I want. I feel I'm in the right ballpark but not sure what exactly needs to be put down in the event condition.
  • could you maybe create a small drawing in paint (or something) of what it is you want to do? Some other approach might solve your issue. (Just trying to understand what the problem really is)

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  • [attachment=0:14xci6d5][/attachment:14xci6d5]

    So I want to connect the Array cell number to the UID(or IID) of the grey box, and the value of the Array at that cell to the Black box UID(or IID). That way I can pick two boxes based on those numbers and automatically make them line up.

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