App Startup = Unprompted fullscreen lock?

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  • Weird thing going on. The app is starting NW.js fullscreen locked even though there are no contributing events to make this happen. I was testing this since I wanted the game to initially launch as a window and then fullscreen would be an option.

    Even when I turn off "Fullscreen in Browser" it still launches in fullscreen, just changes the size of the window.

    Am I missing something here?

  • Even when I make a command input to 'F4 Pressed > Cancel Fullscreen' in the browser Object- nothing happens still.

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  • It feels as if at some point the game was in a minimized window with the standard window commands. I clicked on the maximize option and even after closing the game the app still opens up fullscreen like that.

  • FIXED:

    No idea what caused this, but I fixed by:

    Forcing game to go Fullscreen on Startup.

    Make a condition to: [Browser Is Fullscreen & R Pressed] > Cancel Fullscreen

    and it knocked it out of whatever was forcing it at the start. Was probably my error in the long run and I couldn't see it until I did that.

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