Animation dosen't move

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  • i set the animation on the sprite and it moves by moving his legs but not actually moving on ground.

    what seems to be the problem? what i miss?

  • Have you added a movement behavior to the sprite yet? Like the platform behavior. You need to make the sprite move in the event sheet.

  • yes i added the platform behavior but its dosent work in the event sheet... for exemple

    "keyboard when press on key A - sprite set animation move left"

    the animation is moving on the spot.

    it turns, jumps but donst move

  • Change your event to Keyboard when A key is down rather then on pressed.

    If that dosn't fix it then you'll have to post your capx so we can take a look at it. Or at the minimum post an image of your event sheet.

  • same problem with "key is down", how do i uplode img?

  • Mastersuslan

    You need to upload the image to a website, like photobucket, tunypic, imgur.

    Then you get the url of that image and use the Img or URL buttons on here to post it.

  • Is the player inside a solid ?

  • no. he is on the solid. he can jump and move hes legs but no movement on the solid.

    without the events the sprite is moving but with events on.... it stops

  • It would probably save a lot of time and pointless guesswork if you just upload your .capx for us to look at.

  • localhost

    W A D - MOVE & JUMP

    SPACE - SHOOT (also.. why is the bullet not spawning one by one?)

  • localhost

    W A D - MOVE & JUMP

    SPACE - SHOOT (also.. why is the bullet not spawning one by one?)

    No need for the multi-posts.

    Also, what you have posted is just the address of your game on your own local network. There is no possible way for anyone else to access this.

    You need to save your project as a single file - that will create the .capx.

    You then need to upload the .capx to one of the many free hosting sites available - tip do not use the ones that make you wait for 30 seconds and bombard you with adverts as this is guaranteed to make potential helpers not bother.

    Post the url to your uploaded .capx on here for us to access.

  • yes sorry about that ... by mistake. ok thk i will try that

  • Well looking at the image, and i'm no expert, you have play animation. Animation doesn't move. It only plays the animation. You need to add controls to actually move the player.

    On A pressed > simulate platform moving left ---- set mirrored.

    Then you play the animation that goes with the movement.

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  • jeffige Glad to see someone is awake, i was obvious not. : )

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