How do i :animate player to scroll through sloping floor

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  • hello am caught with this someone could give me an idea

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  • I'm guessing you want the camera to follow a character as it slides down? If it's a platforming game, get the Y value of your normal floor level and store that in a variable. Give your player character the ScrollTo behaviour and set it to Disabled in the player properties window. Then when you enter a sloping floor, you obviously go up or down gradually, so as soon as the player hits that block (on collision check maybe) set player -> Set enabled (in the ScrollTo section) and select the enabled state. Then you just need to add an else statement to it turning it off.

    Hope this helps, .

  • Your question is oddly worded, what do you mean "scroll through sloping floor"?

    If you mean how do you get a player to slide down a sloped floor, you could use physics on the player then change the parameters of his mass and other things you may need, so when they land on a slanted platform they will start to slide. Or I would imagine you could check the platforms angle by doing something like, platform angle > 45 ---- do something

    There many resources around the forum to find what you're looking for if what I explained wasn't what you were after.

  • I want to slide thanks all

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