How do I animate in-game text?

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  • I'm doing a game that's very text-heavy.

    As a result, I'd like a method of embedding some emotion into the text.

    I've seen other pixel games accomplish this like this:

    Ultimately, I have no idea how to do this currently.

    If it involves rewriting the text object in JS, I can probably handle that, I'm just wondering if you all think there might be a way to do this in Construct 2.


  • I'd like to know this as well. I wonder if perhaps somebody has made a plugin? It seems like a common thing to want to do.

  • You can maybe find some useful text plugins here, just scroll down on the website and you´ll find it:

    To make the text look like it´s being written..

  • I figured out the typewriter effect.

    The only issue I have left is animating the stuff

  • Hmm I feel like all those effects could be duplicated with functions and individual text objects after breaking a word up in to each of it's letters. I would probably create a typewriter effect system where every character of your text is each in it's own object to keep things flexible.

    I don't think it would be a huge performance hit, as there are maybe 100 characters at a time and text sequences usually don't have much other action going on.

    I might be interested in making an attemt at a later date. No promises though.

  • ... .capx?dl=0

    That was actually kinda fun, not too difficult. Here are a few examples of possible effects all done within C2's included behaviors and plugins.

    Unpolished, but it should give you a rough idea about what you might be able to do (anything really). If I were to touch it up I'd probably use spritefonts to take care of the kerning issue (I imagine you want to use spritefonts if text is a major focus of your game anyway).

    You'll also need to be a little creative to figure out how to properly position the effects within just a part of your text, but that really depends on how your system will be set up so I won't be taking a crack at that at this point.

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  • Oh snap! Thanks so much - I'm at work right now, but I'll take a look at this when home!


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