Am I supposed to install NW.js to a specific place?

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  • ...or should anywhere on my computer be fine?

    I ask because I tried to export, was notified that I didn't have NW.js, followed the link, downloaded and installed it, and am now still receiving the same notification about needing to install it. I've gone to where it's installed and it runs fine (or seems to), and all the tutorials and manual entries that mention it pretty much assume that it's as easy as installing it- no one mentions a specific install destination or any other conditions that might effect it. I feel like it's something really obvious and I'm just spacing on it, but I can't think what it might be. (and yes- I've restarted the computer.)

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  • are you sure you installed this

    if you did install this try running C2 as administrator maybe its something permission specific or check your antivirus blocking rules

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