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  • I guess I should have asked this before I started my project. So I have looked through the tutorials and there are some great examples on setting up basic AI, pathfinding, and line of sight, but nothing quite like what I am trying to accomplish. I guess my question is, with a vanilla construct 2 personal install, is it possible to create an AI similar to what you would find in Medabots AX or Smash Bro's.

    Medabots AX example:

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    Smash Bro's example:

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    I guess if not then I have a pretty solid system for a normal platformer, so there is that. Also I looked to see if anyone had created a plugin for a decent AI but turned up nothing. Thoughts anyone?

  • As for 'is it possible', yes it is. I haven't found anything impossible in C2 that can be done in other games (except 3d stuff). How to achieve it specifically, would depend on exactly which piece of their AI you're trying to achieve, but yes, it'll be doable.

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  • farflamex 3D is possible now too

    And yes, you might need to do things a little differently than you would in pure code style though (unless you want to do it in Javascript as a plugin), but once you get used to the event system you can do the same stuff generally!

  • There would be a lot of conditions on your enemy if you want to create a smart AI.

    The more conditions you add, the "smarter" your AI becomes.

    Of course if we could've made a human-like AI, we would already have robots cleaning our house for us.

  • rezagamertag lol. Well I guess I will get at it. Assuming there will be a lot of math, los, pathfinding, and platform behaviors.

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