How do I add score when emeny is destored [SOLVED]

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  • Hi

    I have been banging my head on this one because I started originally using when object A overlaps object B count how many times this occurs, then when the counter hits e.g. 10 , add a score value, display an animation and then destroy the object B .

    All was fine as the score increased as expected , however the overlap event did not work how I wanted the game to behave so I changed this to when object A is on collision with object B then add a count how many times this occurred, e.g. 10, then when it reached 10, I added another event no different to the overlap event before hand actioning the same actions e.g. add score, show frame animation which is like an explosion , but now the score is adding up way to quickly after one object B is destroyed

    Any thoughts on why please?

    ** EDIT**

    Ignore this please, figured out what needed to be done on the event that added the score, needed a trigger once while true condition. Sorry to waste anyones time.



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  • You can edit the title of your thread and add [SOLVED] to keep others from opening it since you figured it out on you own.


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