How do I add photos from smart phone.

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  • Hey guys how's it going? I was wondering is it possible for the user to add pictures to the game from their phone. Example like a match 3 game let's say the user wants the option to replace the pictures with their own instead of the ones made for thegame. Is that possible?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  • Hello,

    Yes this is possible.

    You need to import the files and put it on a sprite.

    Save the base64 image in localstorage and it's ok..

    You can find a plugin on the forum "search" extract-image.

    Best regard,


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  • Casimir - Ok thanks, just to be clear in my asking the right question to get the right answer. I want the user of my game (App) to be able to change out the game pictures so they can play the game with their own pictures they have on their smartphone.

    Think of the candy crush game icons I want them to be able to replace those game icons and play with their own personal pics.

    Still the same response???

    Thank you

  • ALLMarkMade - Hi

    Yeah it's the same answer with your exemple:

    -Set up blank sprite with all of the behaviour.

    -Use filechooser for the image

    -On filechooser selection changed |Sprite| Load image from url

    -Exctract Base64 from sprite and save it in dictionnary or array or anything you want.

    Try to avoid using the same "storage" for each "Base64 image (text)" Because it's heavy to access the storage.

    But it's can be done.

    Normaly it work on mobile device but i never tested it on export (only in preview on android).

    Have a nice day

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