How do I add multiple actions per event

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  • I essentially need an 'if' statement on a list item.... I have a list of choices from a drop down box. The first event is 'on selection changed', and below that I have 'select item = 0', 'selected item = 1', etc.

    But is looks like I can have only one action to the right of each 'selected item' event. When list item 2 is selected, for example, I need to execute a number of actions, not just one. I don't see any way to group or nest the actions to the right of each sub event.

    What am I missing?



  • You mean the "Add action" line is missing, as on this picture?

    I think it's a C2 bug, I've seen it in one of the projects.

    To add more than one action, you can copy the existing action, paste it several times with Ctrl-V and then change pasted actions.

    Or try creating a new Event sheet and move everything there.

  • There is a selectable setting on the Events tab: "Show 'Add action' links".

    If you right-click the event (not just a condition), you can "Add another action". Select the event on the left edge of the event.

  • blackhornet

    Thanks! I spent a lot of time searching for this setting and finally decided that it must be a bug

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  • Thanks... I think I've got it now. Taking a day off and slamming my head against the side of the house several times helped. You need to drag a sub event slightly to the right under the main event, then you can add multiple actions for the event. I was looking for a way to do it on the actions (right) side but if a sub event is offset to the right under and event and included in the same block you can add multiple actions. Thanks for the suggestions.

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