How do I add to homescreen, maybe?

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  • I wondered something, I know on windows and on android, the user can have a shortcut to an internet website, but it is tricky to set up by himself, so instead of letting him do this tricky work, I wondered if it could be possible to do it in C2, like calling a function that would create this shortcut on the homescreen.

    Why? Because people line easy things, and letting him add the game to his homescreen/desktop means it can go back to it so much more easily.

    The problem is, I don't even know if it is possible to do in a reliable way for the many OS there are, I dln't even know if there is a standard way of doing it, so could someone tell me if it is doable across Windows/Linux/Mac OS /Android/iOS without too much hassle?

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  • No you can't. Imagine if whenever you browsed the internet your desktop got filled up with random page icons. That wouldn't be good

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