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  • Hello C2,

    I would like to add on my game a feature like this one :

    The first time the player connect to the gme he need to create his/her character, choose the gender, the hair and the clothes

    And after in game when you equip object with ID 1 your character get the paperdoll with ID 1 etc for ID2 ...

    Thank you =D

  • I think you have to be a lot more specific, in what the problem is

    It sounds like you need someone to explain it from start to end, which would take several pages and then it might not even be as you wanted.

  • I haven't worked with Construct2 much, but I did use Game Maker for some time. In that one, I would create a naked template for the player, then add the hair, clothes etc on to that. So for the hair, make a seperate object that stays on top of the template's head. (in GM, I'd use "Hair.x = Template.x" and so on. Not sure how to do it in Construct2, but I guess it would be something similar.

    Also, I'd create a new variable called Hair, then assign the player's chosen hair to that template. That way I can use that variable for all hair-stuff, no matter what hair the player chooses. I hope you understand what I mean.

    Edit: For that matter, that is how a lot of "big" games do it. Resident Evil let you change costume, for instance. If I'm not mistaken, that is possible because the base model are naked, so they put the clothes on the model after you start the game. Naturally, the player won't see a naked character, but it means it's easy to remove the clothes and put other clothes on. Pretty sure this is also why some games have glitches where you see the character naked.

  • I'm sure he want's character customisation as soon the game starts.

  • I think you have to be a lot more specific, in what the problem is

    It sounds like you need someone to explain it from start to end, which would take several pages and then it might not even be as you wanted.

    This is what I have thought when I have read the post...

  • Hello Thank you for the answer,

    As Bugasebi say : " I'm sure he want's character customisation as soon the game starts. ", this is what i would like to have, this is an example :

    I take the game Ghost shooter for the example,

    Before the game start and you can kill the monsters, i wish the player access a screen where he can create his character, something like the actual RPG or MMORPG, you have the base corpse, Man or Women, you can choose the Hair Style and the color, at the begin you have only one dress and after some kills you can drop new one then when you equip this one the dress skin change with the new one equipped.

    I hope you understand, i know how to create the inventory, the random loot and the equipment system, my problem was for the Paperdoll System and the Character Creation screen.

    Thank you =)

  • I'm sure he want's character customisation as soon the game starts.

    I know, but that's just a new screen. I was talking more about how to get the character creator to work in the first place, so you won't have to have an individual sprite for every possible combination of clothes and character. Ten hats and ten shirts make a lot of possible combinations, after all. Better to equip the hat and shirt directly on to the character.

  • This is what i think too ^^, for exemple i have design 6 hair style for men and 6 for women, with this 12 styles you can up more than hundred possibility if you add color, like black, blue, red, green, yellow, etc ... and the same thing for clothes, for the design i have use the base where i add some layers with the see or no option, for apply the different skin to my base.

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  • Make a layout and name it Chara_Gen. Make sure it is loaded BEFORE your main game.

    Set each group of customizable items in their own sprite above your ragdoll. (Such as spr_hair for hair)

    Find the window that says "Animation Frames".

    Right click and choose Add Frames.

    Select each different resource (brown buzzcut, blonde mohawk, etc..) and import them as Frames.

    Create a button or drop down list for each Sprite.

    In the event window:

    Make a global variable for each custom resource (hair,beard,gloves,etc..)

    Create an "on layout start" event, then set the animation speed to 0 for each sprite.

    Create an event upon the appropriate gui interaction that increases or decreases the corresponding variable by 1.

    Create an event "On tick" then set the Frame for each sprite to the right variable. (spr_hair would be have the frame set to var_hair)

    EDIT: I'm working on this same sort of thing myself, this is the system I used. Good luck!

  • Thanks raster i've find a way by using your method a little modified with button ^^ i will post after diner hehe,

    And which way for save the selection and start game ^^' ?

  • If you are using global variables you can access them later at any time, including in game AND they will save if you ever use the built in Save function (System>Save). If you create a button (possibly "Start Game") and set an event on click to "go to layout" and choose your main game layout, your global variables carry over.

    I've only been using Construct for the past 3 a more experienced designer may have better information. LOL

    You could also potentially use WebStorage for this, pretty much storing the data in the users browser cache, I would share the link for the documentation for it but Apparently I can't share a link to Scirra's own documentation yet.

    With mine, I'm trying to save this sort of information online via a plugin for (Still trying to figure it out.)

  • Ok let's go :

    First Time : The Layout

    • As you say i create a New Layout ho start the first, called Char_Gen
    • In this layout i add 2 sprites, First : My Character Base, Second : The Hair
    • In Selection Screen of the Sprite, i import 3 Frame ( Here i can add as many as i need ) First : Haire Style 1, Second : Hair Style 2, etc...

    ( For this part i need to modify the picture in an other program, for have the right place to him before import him )

    • I add 4 button on the same layout, First : Hair Style 1, etc ..., Fourth : Start Game.

    Second Time : The Event Sheet

    • System --> On start layout = Set animation speed to 0 ( I have done with The Hair Sprite )
    • Button 1 --> On Cliked = Set Animation Frame to 0 ( Selection The Hair Sprite )
    • Button 2 --> On Cliked = Set Animation Frame to 1 ( Selection The Hair Sprite )
    • Button 3 --> On Cliked = Set Animation Frame to 2 ( Selection The Hair Sprite )

    I need help for this one

    • Button 4 --> On Clicked = Go Layout 1 ( The name of the scene )

    That's my way with your help Raster =D,

    Now only need to know how to save the selection and keep it all the time we play, or change when we equip an other items =)

    Thank you =)

    ( PS : How to add Reputation for an user please the post of Raster help me and i want to give him reputation thank you =) )

  • Ok, so I've got that design thing sorted out but how do I get the design to stay assigned to a certain player. I want a multiplayer world with people with different characters but don't know how to get a database to do so. I have no clue if my question makes sense but hopefully. Any suggestions?

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