How do I add animation after changing sprites

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  • Hello Construct 2 community,

    I am just getting started so hopefully someone can help me out.

    I went through the beginners tutorial and am currently working on trying to improve the tutorial top down shooter game.

    I added "power ups" that change the sprite to various versions holding different weapons: flashlight is base, then there is knife, gun, shotgun and rifle. and these are set as animation frames 0-4.

    Now I am trying to add a different animation for knife combat, so that when mouse right si pressed instead of shooting bullets like it normally does it will now use the knife swinging animation which I have on frame 5 of the player sprite.

    Thank you for your time.

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  • There isn't enough information about how your game is set up. If it were me I would make a new animation for the knife attacks and switch to that.

  • So put it to a separate sprite and just spawn object and delete old player?

    Let me know what else is needed, information wise.

    Its mostly the tutorial top shooter with slightly changed stuff in the screenshot.

  • Right click on that window and choose "add animation". Then when you attack with the knife, change the animation, then have the animation change back to the gun once the knife animation has finished playing.

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