How do I able to calculate these angles?

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  • Hello!

    Please help me.

    Since my English is terrible, I made a sample image.

    A is a fixed point. If player clicked somewhere on the screen, that point will become B. So position of B differ each time. I want to know angle A and angle B for correctly place 2 bars (55 pixels and 70 pixels).

    How do I able to calculate these 2 angles in the Construct2 way?

    I think I learned these trigonometric things long time ago, but I can't remember now...

    EDIT: I forgot to mention. I have already tried to use Physics(revolute joint). I think unpredictability of Physics is not suitable for my game(it's a turn-based strategy).



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  • This is an inverse kinematics problem and can be solved with the law of cosines, which you can use to solve for the unknown angles.

  • I'm not sure but..

    Angle A is:


    Angle B is:


    I tried these in C2 and they seem working.

    Thank you!

    I'll re-learn math again. (and English too, someday..)

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