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  • Hello. Please help me to make artificial intelligence for the tank. Thanks in advance.

  • People aren't here to make your game for you. If you need help it would be useful to provide more information about specifically what kind of game you're designing, what you need it to do, what you've tried so far, etc.

  • Like Ashley said I would love to help you. But I am not here to make game for you or anyone. Ask what kind of help do you wish?

    how to move Tank? Tank collision? how to add Score? We can help but not the way you asked. Sorry

  • I'd recommend posting what you have done so far, a capx, or something. A cursory look at these might you:

  • Siberian

    If you want to make an A.I you should be familiar with families,picking instances and local variables. Also in most situations You should use a text for variables. If it seems for you as a great problem, try to concentrate small goals which you need to achieve, divide the problem into small in that way:

    your local variable AI can include text for example "find_enemy","fight_with_hero","get_out_base" etc.

    Let's imagine that enemy have a value "find_enemy". When find_enemy ->you combine events and behaviuours to find. When LOS ->set value to justice fight. WHen enemy hp less than 20 set value to injustice fight and etc.

    You should combine LOS behaviour and findpath behaviour with your knowledge of events system.

    I'm not sure that you want such kind of reply with your reputation

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  • I have to do so that the enemy was hiding in shelters

  • Also in most situations You should use a text for variables.

    Bass_X why do you say that?

  • I do not understand from what you have told me, because I do not know much English, but Google translates clumsily.

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