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  • Hey all,

    Can a 360p project be done. I'm asking cause i have a 720p Portrait project at the moment. I was wondering if there is any benefit performance wise from running a lower definition project.

    Also i tried to remake the project in 4:3 SD. But it does not seem to fit perfectly on mobile devices. Do only 16:9 Projects fit perfectly on mobile devices?.


  • Yes, because of aspect ratio of produced screens of mobile devices. So if you intend to make game strictly for mobiles I suggest to set your project aspect ratio to 16:9.

    4:3 is simply dead meat, not used since 2009.

    16:9 is now most common aspect ratio for sold televisions and computer monitors and is also the international standard format of HDTV, Full HD, non-HD digital television and analog widescreen television.

    More info on wikipedia:

    http: // en.wikipedia.org / wiki / 16:9

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  • 1/C2 will scale the project to the viewport resolution by default, to keep the assets quality lower, you will need to set the window size to an height of 360 AND change the project propriety "Fullscreen Scaling" to low quality


    2/all the mobile phones out there have a different aspect ratio, that means that you canot have one size fits all without dynamically designing some parts (basically, placing some elements accordingly to the positions of the borders of the screen for exemple, with a scale inner or scale outer fullscreen), there are a good chunck of infos on the forums you can gather, even though I prefer 4:3 myself, 16:9 is probably easier to use as a base for a mobile game.

  • Aphrodite Lazarus1988


    So if i want a 360p Project. I change the window size to (360,640), and then change all my asset's sizes as well (half the size of the 720p Project) ,and then change all their respective X,Y coordinates according to the new window ,and then set "Fullscreen Scaling" to low quality (otherwise C2 upscales all the assets). Correct?

  • Pandy

    Yes, but layout size I would set more universal layout size wich is 1280x720 and set FullScreen to Scale Outer, also set layout "Unbounded scrolling" to Yes.

    I tested my graphics on my Sony Xperia Tipo and looks great for me, but the best option would be to share with your game and test it on devices with different resolutions and find the best option. Good luck

    If you need further help I'll try do my best Cheers

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  • I'm not sure this will do much to improve performance on modern mobile devices - they are surprisingly powerful. And it could noticeably affect the display quality of your game.

  • So Ashley what's the solutions?

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