Voice command? Hear me out (Pun Intended)

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In this game you will command the character by voice command.
  • Hey guys, I'm new to posting on this forum so forgive me for I am new. I've been crawling through the threads trying to find what I'm looking for, but to no avail thus far.

    I thought of a neat idea that I recall being implemented on Ace Attorney in that a microphone was used for "voice recognition". I put that in quotes because it only registered a sound being made, nothing specific. Essentially, with mobile gaming, a mic is present as all times, and more often than not, computers and laptops are accompanied by mics as well so to add a new layer of texture to game play;

    Is it currently possible to have an event trigger, or action called based on a general sound input? If so, how?

    Let's say in order to activate a switch in a game, I needed to talk/whistle/hum into a mic. Nothing specific as long as it picks up something on the sound waves and let's face it, it would be too much of an undertaking to be able to have specific voice recognition, what with accents and what not. Anyways, I'd love to hear what you guys think and if you have answers to the suggestions that would be even better! Thanks!

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  • Well you're lucky because r126 just had new "expressions to get peak and RMS levels from analyser effects"

    which seem to include mic input as well

    (I haven't tried it tho)

  • Sheesh, spammer. Bump. Has anyone tried it? I can't figure it out for the life of me.

  • Try using Windows Movie Maker

  • Care to explain? How does windows movie maker relate to being able to input a voice command-esque action in to a game?

  • Sorry to bump, but man it would be awesome to have voice commands for in-game controls. Not sure how well it would work though.

  • There's an example called Speech Recognition that uses the User Media object to detect words from microphone input.

  • I have a very old release so I suppose I'll have to update it to see, if it's an included example. If it's a .capx available someplace then I can't seem to find it in search.

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