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  • well, i am trying to install some plugins, but i m not getting the expected result.

    i moved the plugin folder to the plugin directorie on the C2 folder.

    for me is that.


    i think that is it right?

    when i open the C2 its like the plugin its not installed.

    i m using the free version of the software, there's a limitation about that?

  • Using plugins on free version is fine, you sure your dropping a plugin in and not a behaviour, as I did that at first and it didn't show.

    I don't use the steam version, but could it be the data is actually loaded from somewhere else? (C:\ProgramData or C:\Users\******\AppData)

  • i will try to use the non steam version to see what happens, thanks

  • well, in the non steam version of the free construct 2 i m able to install plugins normaly ,

    and yes the data on the steam version is loaded from somewhere else, because my plugins folder on steam was empty, and now i can see the built in plugins by folder.

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  • I had to place the plugins in:


    If you're using the 32bit version:

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