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  • To all the plugin developers,

    I am a special needs teacher and I have a class that can only communicate, learn and interact through the use of the computer, I often make small programs for them and I used multimedia fusion to do so, but after finding Construct and how much easy it is to work with and to integrate trough html5 in all the platforms available in the school...

    I am in need of the following plugins, if technically possible:

    text to speech

    speech recognition (for short commands and words like up, down, left, right...)

    microphone (detect pitch and volume)

    kinect (maybe integration with the zigfu plugin)

    face, hand, eye detection trough haarcascade classifier (opencv)

    artoolkit (or any other augmented reality product)

    I believe all the above will be very useful and beneficial not just for me but to all the construct community.

    If you are interested please pm me


    Julio berrincha

  • jcberrincha : I used to work with nearly all of the tools you are talking about (altough in C++). Do you have an idea in particular ? Something you want to see in C2 ?

  • yep... I would like to see plugins to integrate those into construct...

    For example, the text to speech, could have, set/get voice, set/get pitch, set/get volume, speak, stop speaking, is speaking and maybe the index of the word being spoken.

    For the microphone something like get pitch, get volume, microphone on/off, I haven't made much research on this but I would like to have something where the microphone detects if the user is blowing on the microphone and use this as an input method

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  • Also... at the time I'm trying to pull text to speech from trough the ajax object with no success... someone in a different post said it couldn't be done and that a plugin or behavior should be written for the audio plugin to stream music from urls (

    Could someone pull this out?

  • I would really love to see a trigger behavior that you can add to any object such that you can trigger the object's type triggers for the current object's collection.

    You would select the object (actions) and select the behavior's "Trigger", arguments being "Trigger" (a list of all that object types triggers and fake triggers), then it fire those triggers for each object in the collection when the action was executed.

    Does it make sense? I checked and I can't find such a thing, but the forum is huge, so I may have missed it. Please direct me to such an animal or please make one or tell me some pointers on filtering object types and their triggers to make a list within edit mode.

    Please please please won't you comment to me.

    Thanks in advance.

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