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  • I'm not sure what you mean and I don't know anything about 'Mode 7'.

    If you are looking for the two screens template it is https://www.scirra.com/store/royalty-free-game-templates/split-screen-3670

  • Sorry, I won't be porting them to C3. C3 does seem to have it's own canvas plugin though. Maybe you could open the example in C2 as a reference and see if you can utilize the C3 canvas plugin to do the same thing.

    I haven't really used C3 to give a better idea.

  • Ok, then. I'll see what I can do.

    Thanks anyway.

  • I have a problem with the outline effect. When the project is exported to HTML5 website the parametr width is not working properly - the line is wider than before export.

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  • Hi,

    I have used your sprite sheet plugin in my previous project. Now I need to convert the project into C3 environment, however I haven't find a way to convert this plugin? Could you please help on this subject?

    Thank you so much.

  • There isn’t anything I can help with. I only use c2 and am unfamiliar with making c3 plugins.

  • It is a cool plug, a reel time saver.

    I literally did a slots demo with it.

    So thanks again for that.

    But yeah I bet it would be a hard conversion because of the canvas element.

    Although I'm pretty sure you could match the effect using blend modes.

    And it would be pretty complicated to get set up.

  • You’re making an assumption with how it’s implimented. It’s probably trivial to convert, but I don’t find it worthwhile to do so.

  • Understood.

    Again thanks. Your light is always appreciated.

  • Hi R0J0hound ,

    Is there anyway to deactivate the AA on canvas plugin?

    I'm doing the shapes tool with bezier curves,etc... and they looks a bit blurry.

    If i set on C2: Pixel Rounding: On and Sampling:Point all is sharpen except the things drew in the canvas that have some small AA and they look perfectly smooth with that minimal AA.

    THe problem is that i need Sampling:Linear for textures and other stuff, and this seems to mix with the AA of canvas plugin.

    So, is there anyway to deactivate the AA on canvas plugin?

  • No, I don’t believe so. Not with the features exposed to the event system as I recall. AA can be disabled on html5 canvas elements from JavaScript with a variable that differs with different browsers. I’m not going to touch that though. It requires modifying the plugin.

  • R0J0hound Is there any way I can modify the outline effect to allow for transparency of the outline to be set?

    Would also be great if it was possible to do an "inline" but I presume the same method of pretty much just offsetting stuff wouldn't work.

  • I’d just scrap the whole effect and start from scratch. The way the effect works is it draws 8 copies of the image at offsets and sets all the pixels to a color.

    Transparency sounds like just another number to adjust that. The issue is blending the 8 images together. It’s the same issue as multiple sprites with 50% transparency vs the same sprites with 100% and the layer with 50% transparency. In my non flu thinking I’d do that in two steps. Not sure how that would be done in a shader.

    An inset outline could possibly be done by doing a Boolean blending with the offsets together in some way. Then simplifying it if possible.

    I don’t really want to mess with GLSL or JavaScript within construct. If I have to do that I’d rather do it elsewhere.

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