Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

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  • > QuaziGNRLnose


    > How do I toggle on off lights


    you change the intensity of the lights, and set intensity to 0 to turn them off. You can create and destroy lights too, but this is not recommended during runtime because they need to be rebuilt into the material shaders. Lighting is very complicated in games.


    1 Ok , and how do I eg. do that ? can we set an id to the "name" light object ?

    Or how do we set an id to the current light object ?

    2 and how do we set light from position ?

    3 and how to set the ambient light intensity ?

  • istavang

    Try to format your quotes better or just use an instead of quoting such a huge block, its confusing when your questions are placed inside a quote i made.

    Manipulating lights works exactly the same as for any other object, they use object id's, and have a name, their are actions to set the light specific properties and you use the same actions used to manipulate object position/scale/rotation etc to manipulate lights, just passing a light id instead.

  • QuaziGNRLnose

    yes ..sorry about that ..

    Maybe we should have an example on how to properly use : load /create normalMap and specMap, dispMap on obj and json

    and some info. on diffrents between nomalmap vs Lightmap vs bumpmap , its a little unclear ...

  • I've made an alternative plugin icon (the default is too standard and it confuses me)


    EDIT: preview

    tatogame, QuaziGNRLnose,

    [design rant]

    not to argue, but i think the icon is anything 'but' standard.

    it is a beautiful example of iconology, where 'q3d' is visually referenced in a subtle but very powerful way. i am sure that it took some time to conceive and design it. the fact that it appears simple or 'standard' is a testament to the design. there is a lot being said in a very minimal way.

    excuse my design rant. i truly love examples of well thought out design that stem from simplicity.

    mr. ives would be proud...lol.

    [/design rant]

  • QuaziGNRLnose

    add : Everyones PROJECT IN PROGRESS


    how can we prevent the tires turning on wrong axis after using the forward car function

    on using the arrows before doing anything they turn correct on axis ?

    any advice on how to set the wheels to looks towards a little distence in front of cars and let the car follow that point when turning , are welcome , "some lines of expression code "is awsome , or u can modify the capx , its better , as an alternativ to tiny tank for learning purpose to all who wants to know the essentils uses

    and to get more people intrested in the plugin , seems they are falling of...

  • You can change the rotation order with an action so that the wheels pitches/rolls/yaws in the right way, as for which order to choose is correct it all depends on how you've set things up and want them to be. You have to rotate around your yaw axis to make the front wheels turn, based on input from the user, there's no complicated expressions involved.

    I'm getting tired of explaining this but tiny tank would not be useful to you, the logic is complicated and you need an understanding of how to program a physics engine to understand the code, those here asking for it would very likely not be able to understand it. Q3D is not a game engine, it's a way of displaying 3D graphics for your construct games, with most of the basic tools necessary for doing that. game engines take a lot of time to develop and slowly the plugin will gain some features in them but it is first and foremost NOT a game engine, its a construct plugin meant to achieve the specific goal of displaying 3D graphics coded in construct events, and for that it is very useful.

    Adding "PROJECT IN PROGRESS" is wrong, the current version is most feature complete and bug free, I'm expanding on the plugin, which is why i have had "New features will be added incrementally" since the beginning.

  • well we are not all novoice , i am certain it would be useful for me at least , i may not understand everything , but if a code work u dont allways need to understand the full depth of it , and we dont learn more whitout new challanges so thats my opinion . u can pm me and i am sure i will find some usefull stuff if u may , i shall keep it for my self and only use some code if I may ?

    coz I want to apply physics suspentions on the wheels .

  • something wrong on this domain today

  • it works great!

  • This works well for me. I'm looking forward to the next release, though it has almost everything I need so far and the amount of work put into this plugin is well worth the price.

    I was wondering what the skybox / cubemap creation pattern should be?

    This is not working for me:

    1 Preload 6 images

    2 set a lightsource

    --Once loaded is true --

    3 create "Cube Map" type texture

    4 create Basic Mesh Material with said CubeMap texture

    5 Set Mesh Material to Back side

    6 Create a simple cube geometry 1000 each side

    7 Create object with these.

    8 set camera position and pray

    This results in a white background in the distance, that seems to be using the material color instead of texture because it's whatever color i have the material set to.

    I have tried:

    A: Setting draw side to back and "Front" I get a big black background because the inside of the cube isn't visible, this is to be expected.

    B: Changing to Lambert type Mesh. Same thing.

    C: Applying a simple one image texture to all cube sides instead of the special cube map, this works fine but isn't the desired result. This seems to confirm the images are loading okay to me though.

    D: I tried setting Q3d properties like BG alpha to 0 and a few other things I can't think of right now.

    I figure i'm missing a key step in the pattern.

    Any advice from anyone would be appreciated. Thanks




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  • Hi, I am almost new in the forum.


    My doubt: " Is there any way to load/recognize a second Uv channel for an exported model?. Obj format only records one UV channel. So Since Q3D/three.js plugin needs a second Uv set for a lightmap texture in any of the materials available...tell me how to do please. Ive tried json exporters but it does not work (or I didn´t figure it out). Is there any tool available to do so with json exporters /2 Uvs and 3dsmax, maya, blender, etc?.


    This plugin should not be in the complete section addons. But instead of that, you should have posted it as an Alpha/Beta Stage for free. if you don´t have time enough to give support and documentation you should have asked few people to try it; Give support to those few ones, ask them to help you for documentation/examples/tutorials.... and people would be helping you for free. Indeed in some way they are helping you but based on a paid fee and a lot of frustration. People here are amazing and they love Construct 2; but being sincere you gave people the golden egg and what they found is a fried one. This is not the quality expected for a paid commercial addon posted inside a Scirra forum;. I don´t care how cheap it is.

    1.- The complexity of your project does not mean you should be paid for that. The complexity is your election. The paid thing is related to how well things should work and how they are documented.

    2.- You are being paid and we cannot find a single page of documentation or tutorials (really simple ones is enough) explaining ALL, ALL features of your plugin. Lot of work?. Yes. But it was your choice. ( Three files is enough?..really?..your clients are saying to you it is not enough

    3.- I find myself writing a hard review of your plugin and I do not want to use it any more. I do not trust you anymore.

    4.- When using construct 2 I do not care who made things work inside Construct 2. So my impression is Construct 2 Owners/developers are being irresponsible letting you post a paid addon that lacks many things.

    5.- As many online software stores they review their own/third party paid content before it is posted; Scirra owners should do the same. ¿Is this paid addon good enough to my product?. Perhaps it is not in the Scirra Store, but it is announced in the forum as a complete addon. Scirra, If you don´t have time to do that; please let people review your/hosted/posted paid content with polls (1 to 5 stars). Instead of that I have to read 43 pages of posts 20 days after I bought this non usable addon. Two weeks as a monkey

    5.- At the end the only one responsible for buying a piece of software not prepared for the minimum expected requirements is Myself. So what I find while searching an answer to many of this plugin doubts is Unity 5 and Playmaker visual scripting being release this year with fully Webgl support......more expensive...yes.... time saving....of course....but time is gold. The indie dev scene is not a toy scene anymore.... your addon is a paid disassembled toy with many parts not explained at all and the indie scene does not need developers still thinking that we are in the early 00´s. There are business people among many many non-professionals; but none of them deserves such a frustration/waste of time.

    6.- Please, do not use in the first line of your post " Buy/Download".... if you say that then you say we can buy a full version or download a try one.... there is no try. Instead of that You could use "Buy and Download" or just "Buy"...ummm; not fair play....but I am human so I bought it the time I could find not a single word about known bugs or lack of documentation.....you only talk in your website about new features will be added incrementally: well: DOCUMENTATION is not a feature..it is a must.

    7.- Do not post an example (the main one) of what we can do "Tiny Tank"...and days after you tell people (who mainly use construct 2 because the way everything is done visually) saying:

    7.1.- This example has a lot of hardcoding (and I say this cannot be a Construct 2 addon... not a paid one)

    7.2.- I will not post "Tiny Tank"capx example because it is too complex (let people choose what they need, they paid you, they ask you for that file!!)

    7.2 You keep saying the last three months that no tutorials will be available until whichever next release you build whenever you want..... are you serious?

    My relationship with Scirra Construct 2 is over until this plugin disappears from the complete addon forum or the moment it changes his first announcement (the q3d first forum page) to this state: "This plugin is in an Alpha State and no written documentation exits"...or something similar.

    8.- As a Free personal project it could be a great project....but you treated it as a paid one, not being sincere from the beginning and not treating people who paid you as real clients. You think this is a game

    9.- I am in the video game industry as a 3d artist since 1998 and as a Senior Producer since 2004 and of course an online buyer, so it is not a cheap 3d technical complaint or a joke thing about buying online products that do not do what they say they should. You or Scirra owners should review your post and how you announce your plugin. As a developers we should respect what development stages means and what should be the relationship with customers based on that stage.

    That´s my opinion ( which is not good at all) and that may not reflects what other people may think. So, though I have said things involving others ( like we are not being treated as real clients) ... it is just only the way I see it ( I have read other people complaining anyway)

    10.- Finally I want my money back. I will send to you i a PM with my paypal details

  • raijuu

    Sorry if it's misleading! the special cube maps are only used for environment (reflection/refraction) mapping, This is how it's designed in three.js.

    You are correct in texturing the faces individually. You could do this by using UV's, separate planes, or exporting a JSON object (although JSON loading is tricky as some features are unsupported).

  • Bitmichael

    I implemented the three.js lightmap textures for sake of completeness, but the JSON loader they provide for their extension isn't very well documented (at least i couldn't find much on how to use it). If its not working i'll try to figure it out for you. It is only available for blender i believe. https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/tree ... rs/blender

    The plugin lacks features in your eyes and is complete in others, I have been transparent with all the features available and i have tested every single one, as well as take time to write description text for every action/condition/expression, this serves as light documentation but many people do not notice it or try to read it. three.js documentation can also be used for an idea of how particular features work, but again some features are lacking documentation. There are no known bugs at the moment (you can cause bugs by inputting nonsense values into fields like intensities or opacities below 0) but this is simply due to a lack of type checking (i can't prepare for every erroneous use case). I've left it to users to make sensible choices, i.e. don't do things like load audio files as textures. I don't really see what extra documentation is needed at this point, and people are asking on how to do things like collision detection or make a first person shooter or make wheels spin which are certainly possible using the plugin for rendering but aren't actually part of the plugins features, they're more construct and programming related questions and belong in a proper help thread on the help forum. I expect those who download the plugin to understand object hierarchies and texturing, local/world space, modeling etc. I can't be expected to give novices a crash course on every in and out of 3D game design, and i never claimed for the plugin to do these things. It's strictly for displaying 3D graphics at the moment.

    You have outlandish expectations from a plugin which humbly and very transparently presented its feature set from the beginning. You didn't have to buy it, and you could have looked through everything, as you've admitted yourself, and easily come to the decision that it lacks the features you'd expect from something like UNITY. It's not really meant to compete with something as complicated as unity. There are purchasable plugins that do one very simple thing thing for 35$ on the scirra store, and others like spriter which do quite a lot for 35$. It's strange you feel that the plugin is incomplete when it's working as intended and doing what it claims to, for only 15$. I don't have to provide it for free because you don't think its complete, and in fact i think 300+ hours of work that went into it mean its quite fair for me to ask for something in return, when some people are posting much simpler plugins for much more. Many people have remarked on the fact that it is a very fair price and yet you're trying to convince me i've ripped you off. Even construct and spriter are in constant development but touted as just as "complete" a product for all intents and purposes. Complete does not mean a product has no bugs or is not being updated, it simply means it's in a stable, usable state, and secondly this forum is for completed addons posted by users, it says so in the forum description, they are not official plugins, paid or otherwise. If people don't want the plugin they don't buy it, if they don't think its worth it they don't buy it. Every single feature is shown on the main post, and it's not my responsibility if you didn't read them. You'll have to wait for the refund as it is handled through PayPal.

    You bought all future updates to the plugin for a very low price and hopefully they will change your mind about using it when they finally come out, however you'll have to repurchase the plugin. Realize that as unhappy as you are this plugin took a lot of my time to make and is being used successfully and happily by a lot of people, I've been honest with everyone as i can be. I still work on the plugin. I really don't care if you distrust me. The construct 2 developers are not being irresponsible by letting people develop extra functionality for their product. A lot of users are happy with the plugin, and it is not the fault of the developers of construct that you are unhappy with it.

    You need to understand your mistakes are your own fault. You act as though i'm forsaking clients when I provide constant support through the forum and take time to answer their questions, you are simply wrong and come off as a liar trying to get his or her way. You're actually claiming Q3D is not good enough to be on the forum? A lot of people who are actually enjoying their time using it would disagree. I severely doubt you'll stop using construct or even the plugin, and titles do not make you any more entitled or any less wrong than anyone else. You're simply causing a fuss like a spoiled child, and cannot understand how you feel justified in your actions and claims.

  • well we are not all novoice , i am certain it would be useful for me at least , i may not understand everything , but if a code work u dont allways need to understand the full depth of it , and we dont learn more whitout new challanges so thats my opinion . u can pm me and i am sure i will find some usefull stuff if u may , i shall keep it for my self and only use some code if I may ?

    coz I want to apply physics suspentions on the wheels .

    http://web.archive.org/web/200804101716 ... dc2001.htm

    This is (roughly) the technique used to simulate the tank physics in the demo. Reading this is simpler than reading through the cap and it's actually meant to be explanatory instead of a pile of virtual spaghetti. These are programming related questions which the plugin does not seek to answer.

  • [quote:3dj3s36f]- Easy loading of 3D models in .obj, and three.js JSON format

    Does this mean they can be loaded at runtime as well? Lets say if I use Node-Webkit and I could have folder for the objects and load them from there?

    Also do you have any plans to put this plugin to Scirra store? I don't have PayPal.

    If I put it on the scirra store the price would be elevated, so far there are no plans to do this.

    You load objects through filename if they are in the files folder. I haven't used Node-Webkit extensively for loading, but i'm pretty certain what you're suggesting is possible. If you can provide a valid file it will be able to load it. Sorry for the late reply your post got past me somehow.

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