Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

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  • Found it and immediately bought it .Really cool stuff! Will be wait new update! it would be master piece!

    Great great work QuaziGNRLnose !

  • and have a question about it

    can i use 2d-actions on 3d-objects(for example pathfinding) ?

  • casual2 It's possible to use a sprite and then position the 3D object where the sprite is. you'll achieve the same effect.

  • but how do you move the sprite in the 3d environment?

    sprite can only move in x and y.

    and also, i am not sure that the x.y of the 3d object is the same as the x.y of a sprite

  • behaviours are programmed for 2D, so obviously a choice has to be made as to how the x y values map to x y z. Until there are 3D behaviors which are made, there's no way to directly make the 2D ones work without using some remapping scheme like this.

    The x,y of the 3D object can be the same, it all depends on your choice of scales. If the scaling is off you can multiply the positions by some scale factor to get them to match.

  • QuaziGNRLnose

    Could you please maintain a devlog on your site, please? I really need some updates.

    I bought Q3D since the very start but it's really obscure to use for the moment being. I'm starting to think that it was released way too early.

  • All the functionality to integrate 3D is there, and it's quite a bit simpler to use than straight up three.js. It's not as easy as it could be for less advanced users at the moment, but the ability to use all its features in projects successfully is nonetheless there. I'm working to make things easier. Voice your difficulties for support. I'm working on this part time so please understand i can only do so much at a time, and like to release update when they're ready so people don't complain about unfinished features being broken too much if i have to restructure things. This is a complex plugin with a lot of complex features to simplify, doing things wrong could make it unusably slow. I'm sorry if things don't feel like they're moving too much but i assure you your problems could be quickly resolved if you asked in this thread for support, i check quite often.

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  • QuaziGNRLnose Are you saying that this plugin is like development hell?

  • Joannesalfa

    No it's entirely usable in its current state to make 3D games, Tiny Tank took me a week and a half to put together. I'm adding features because i understand not everyone is advanced enough a user to use the plugin to its full potential. You need to understand how to program a little more abstractly in the event sheet, but it's nothing mind boggling. For the most part i aim to make things easier but the statement that it's in "Development Hell" when its already a complete product which offers all advertised functionality and future updates are simply to add functionality because i feel like adding functionality is wrong.

  • Every time we ask him for a progress update we're wasting the time he has to spend on this. It's definitely functional as per the demo's we've seen, and I don't ever remember it being advertised as a way to "easily make 3D games", but just a way to access ThreeJS rendering from Construct 2 events.

  • I agree with Jayjay!

    The fact is that 3D technology is a lot different from 2D, you need to abstract in vectors and matrix to make things happen. I say this because I study 3D technology since 2000 and I already used many 3D engines, like 3DRad, 3Impact and Unity. And What QuaziGNRLnose says is true, his plugin already has the basic elements needed to do a job, but you need a basic knowledge to work with it.

    I am not doing some advert for this plugin, I am just offering my experience.

  • Is any demo out there ? Would like to test and compare 3d-engines with this cool plugin.

  • There's no demo version of the plugin (As this would necessitate freely distributing the plugin), only demos that show what can be done with it.

  • There's no demo version of the plugin (As this would necessitate freely distributing the plugin), only demos that show what can be done with it.

    there is an objectMTLloader in three.js , is this embeded inside Q3D ,

    tips best practice to asign the mtl file ?

    strugeling getting my image texture right on the object, must it be maped as a texture atlas or ?

  • istavang

    You need to export the UVs for .obj files to texture properly, other than that nothing special should be needed. Sometime you can load .js format objects with their material properties but it doesn't always work since i didn't fully support all the features for the .js exports yet. Make sure textures are square and power of two, as anything else might cause problems.

    what are you doing that isn't working?

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