Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

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  • > Oh dear, has this been abandoned? For what it has it it very impressive and although I can figure it all out on my own I'd rather not since I paid money for it.


    He isn’t developing it anymore, but the Q3D manual should still be available. I am hoping someone does a threejs or babylonjs implementation for the new C3 runtime.

    Indeed it is, but it is not complete and the examples no longer are available.

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  • Would anyone still happen to have all of the example capxs on hand? All the current links are dead.

  • how can add obj to upload games on scirra arcade? :C

  • Hallo. i have a problem dude. im following tutorial on youtube "how to make 3d game with q3d plugin" but they use mouse to control the camera and use the MouseLock plugin. and its not work on android. how can i change the mouse movement camera to sweeping touch movement camera?

    This is the event sheet for camera control with mouse.

    Q3D: Rotation from eular angles ->

    X = clamp(Q3DMaster.camRotX+MouseLock.RawY*mousespeed*-1,180,360)

    Y = Q3DMaster.camRotY

    Z = Q3DMaster.camRotZ+MouseLock.RawX*mousespeed

    Please help me

  • Just checking in, is this plugin-in truly abandoned and should we consider it abandon ware if it is so?

  • in the tank demo. how he get the tank to "jiggle"?

  • in the tank demo. how he get the tank to "jiggle"?

    the tank demo is using a bunch of imported js libraries that the developer can't make public cause he borrowed them basically from other people that don't want to show how is made. So you basically have to figure that one out yourself. but is probably mesh manipulation.

  • How do you properly set up a morph animation? I have a tank and I want the treads to be able to be flexible over terrain.

    I'm not familiar with Morphing and three.JS is not well documented.

  • I bought the plugin, how do I download it? I never received a download link

  • Have you read the last pages ? This plugin is abandoned, the creator didn't post anything for around 1 year.

    If you want to buy, better use the official store: scirra.com/store

    Also, if you really want to make 3D games, better choose another engine, like Unity or Unreal Engine.

  • Send an email to daviowarevee@gmail.com and we'll fix the issue. You should have received an email.

    Sir LoLz

    Tank jiggle is done by modifying the transformation matrix of the object based on some spring/damper math. You can do it using the Q3D Model and setting the model matrix with the action for this. Build one with skew to get the wobble you want. you have to turn off automatic matrix updates and build the matrix yourself.


    Development has ceased.

  • QuaziGNRLnose> Development has ceased.

    Why did you stop its development? It looks like amazing plugin.

  • QuaziGNRLnose

    You could upload this plugin's source to GitHub, then it will not anymore be abandoned

  • FlyingRam

    Development has ceased.

    Forgive my late reply, but when can we expect the example files to be restored. Also, will you ever finish the manual for the current build? The one that is up is sorely incomplete.

  • Does anybody know if this "Q3d" is compatible with threeJS ? Is it extandable with it ? I mean you get continues updates in "threeJS". And if its possible to merge it with it, it would be great !

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