Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

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  • Really nice so far. Downloaded a couple of minutes ago and playing around with it.

    Looking forward to the manual and a beginners step-by-step tutorial, on how to set up a scene

  • Woah! Really very cool.... look forward to trying this out...

  • instant buy for me

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  • Bought mine on the 6th want to see this supported!

  • This should really help me spruce up my game design! Thanks for the excellent work!

  • I have read every page of this topic. I am wondering what Ashley thinks about this...

  • michael

    If I had to take a guess, pretty damn happy. I mean, why wouldn't he be?

    It's a plugin that:

    • Implements a feature that the Construct community, since the CC days, has regularly requested, has often not shut up about, and have occasionally gone so far to attempt to monkey rig in CC and C2 in various ways (Myself easily one of the guiltier offenders )
    • Despite it's initial learning curve manages to mostly keep in the general spirit of Construct by being somewhat simple to implement and use, and with the upcoming subplugins will probably only get easier.
    • Isn't official, so he and the other C2 Devs aren't responsible for maintaining, tracking issues, and updating. Which given what he and the others are likely already doing and the complexity of this plugin would/could likely become a job in itself. Not that he isn't usually pretty cool about lending helping hand or two when plugin developers ask.
    • But despite not being official, he can easily say "Look what Construct can do!".
    • Is behind a paywall, meaning everyone and their grandmother won't have it and flood the general forum with questions. And if enough people do eventually get it that it could stand to be an issue, will probably have at least several forum members well versed it in by then.
    • Is possibly another commercial success story should it take off
    • Has the eventual possibility to reel in people who've left Construct (or mostly just dumped projects in it) for something like Unity3D.
  • basically q3d is a "revolution" and Ashley should support it 101%.

  • I have buy it, but when i get it?

  • Edelplastic Whatever email is tied to your paypal should have gotten a message giving you a link to the login page and a password. From there you'll be taken to the download page.

  • and if you have not received it yet, check your spam folder. If it is not there, send QuaziGNRLnose a message and he will resend it (happened a couple of times already as I understood from others).

    Took me 2 minutes until I received the download link

  • Thank you Guys. Now i got the Mail with the Password.

  • why don't Scirra buy over this plugin an integrate it in C2 and build specific editor tools for it like they did with Spriter support?

  • why don't Scirra buy over this plugin an integrate it in C2 and build specific editor tools for it like they did with Spriter support?

    Yeah, it would be a good direction to add to the next generation of Construct (C3?) and would help differentiate itself from C2. Hopefully enough people support this project and the devs can really turn it into something special. Then Scirra may see the viability of adding 3d support, or least support for this plugin.

    I still have my doubts that the average C2 user will get a good handle on 3d, as it can get a lot more involved than 2d, and you do need to know at least some vector math and principles of 3d...normals, parent/child hierarchies, local vs world space etc. And that is before actually modelling , rigging, UVíng and texturing your assets.

  • Wow, that's a very impressive plugin. No doubt a lot of work has gone into it. I was considering something similar looking into both three.js and babylon.js although my direction's changed now.

    What made you choose three.js over babylon.js or another 3D Javascript library?

    I've just bought your plugin, but I'd be interested, do you have a roadmap of future updates?

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