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  • Demo

    • Put some text in textbox

    The text are shown by sprites (not an image only, it's a sprite for each character), the sprite object has a sine behavior to control the angle.


    Related plugins

    Plugin: Layouter (Update: 2013/06/09)

    Behavior: Layouter_Linear (Update: 2013/06/09)

    Behavior: Layouter_Text

    There are 3 parts for showing text by sprites

    1. there have some sprites in a box -- Plugin: Layouter

    2. arrange (set position, angle) these sprites -- Behavior: Layouter_Linear

    3. set frame index of these sprites according to character in text -- Behavior: Layouter_Text

    Steps of create sprite text:

    1. put a Plugin:Layouter

    2. add Behavior: Layouter_Linear, and Behavior: Layouter_Text into this Layouter object

    3. add a sprite with text images.

    <img src="" border="0">

    4. set the properties of Behavior: Layouter_Linear, for example

    • the delta distance is the distance between two characters.

    5. set the character -> frame index mapping.

    <img src="" border="0">

    6. in event sheet, assign the character sprite (Behavior: Layouter_Text action: set character object)

    7. Now you could show text by sprites (Behavior: Layouter_Text action: set text).


    • "Plugin Layouer Condition : Pick instances" could pick all characters in this layouter object.


    Now, the Behavior: Layouter_Linear only could arrange sprites in a single line. I will try to add another arrange mode to support multi-lines, or a spiral mode might be interesting.

  • The Plugin: Layouter and Behavior: Layouter_Linear could be used to arrange sprites.

    Here are two examples.

    Card layout - linear

    Plugin: Layouter + Behavior: Layouter_Linear

    Card layout - cyclic

    Plugin: Layouter + Behavior: Layouter_Cyclic

    • click card.
  • This is brilliant. Great work man!

    Is there any way to loop through the string and change a property of a single character or whole word? Not sure how that can be done with events.

    Also would it be possible to have a mode that spaces each character based on its size? That would more or less allow kerning - not all bitmap fonts use fixed size characters!

  • Tokinsom

    Yes, it could pick all characters by condition. I had update the example demo. Now it will set scale of each character randomly.

    I will try to make arrangement more better for showing text, thanks for suggestion.

  • Thanks! Just what i have looked for my project. Awesome <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • rexrainbow rex, cool thing man.

    btw, the correct term for "delta distance" is called Tracking, just an FYI.

  • rexrainbow

    This is a great plugin! I have been using it today to replace SpriteFont and it works perfectly! I love the spacing options available, so much more flexible than spritefont.

  • California

    I agree, delta distance is not a suitable name in this case. I will try to fix it. Tracing is a great option. Or... Spacing?

  • Thanks rexrainbow, you rock. I suspect this will be getting a lot more active support. Though I think Mippey did fine job while he was working on it.

    I plan to use this plugin extensivly as it is, but I have one request if you could. Would it be possible to get the font sprite going in a single plugin rather than spread across 3?

  • rexrainbow

    Is it possible to align the text using an image point? I am noticing that it aligns to whatever edge you have selected (ie left). I am just trying to center some text and it is aligning just off center, because of this.

    Thanks for any help! This thing is awesome! :)

  • jayderyu

    It is possible to have a single "sprite text" absolutely. There will be a single plugin if it is an official one.

    The problem is, I'm just a part time plugin maker. I need to find a way to reduce the maintenance effort.

    Combined plugins will more easier to maintain (and less bugs), since I don't need to copy most code to create another arrangement of characters, for example.

  • Zharzew

    Thanks for these suggestions, I will try.

  • Update

    Behavior: Layouter_Linear , changing property name "Delta distance" to "Spacing" in properties table.

  • rexrainbow

    Sorry for my ignorance, but what is the best way to 'hide' or 'remove' a layouter? Usually, there would be a 'show' / 'hide' command, but all I see is Create Reference and Remove Reference, which I don't think do what I need.

    Basically, what is the best way to Show and Hide text? None of your examples has any 'removing' of a sprite, hence my confusion. :/

    Thanks a lot! :)

  • Zharzew

    Do you mean a visible action to set invisible to all characters?

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