[Plugin]New Nuggeta Construct2 Plugin Released

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  • Hi all,

    I'm pleased to announce that the Nuggeta plugin is released.

    It allows to integrate leaderboards and achievements on Nuggeta Play Social Gaming Platform simply.

    The portal take care of all the rendering. The games just need to do API calls and benefit immediately of our backend and our revenue sharing model.

    I'm not allowed to post the link to the plugin since my profile here is early stage. Visit nuggeta developer site. There is the tutorial and a sample construct2 project.

    If you have several games we can do the integration in one of them to show you how is simple it is.

    Doing this pluggin has been our first experience with construct2. we've to admit we've been a bit confused to use such high level tool compared to low layer programming skills we are used with. By the end It went really well and now i understand why construct2 is so popular. we will analyse how we can add to the pluggin in future version the Nuggeta networking layer and cloud data storage features.

    PS: Please moderator. Allow us to post here the link material to the documetation of the plugin and the sample.Feedback, critisisms and support are all welcome.

  • http://developer.nuggeta.com/#!document ... construct2

    All those underscores are a little scary, but ehh, that's probably just aesthetics.

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  • Yes just format

    I don't know the exact syntax naming convention recommended by Construct2 for Expressions?


  • I think most of the things associated with C2 use camel case. Something like progressSaved.

    Some systems handle spaces badly, so a _ could end up as a %, etc.

  • You may want to contact to ask for the ability to post links, it's not something moderators have power to do.

    Regarding your documentation, I must admit that expressions are a bit long. I understand it has probably to see with the way you maintain your codebase in regular language, but having a "nuggeta_" prefix/workspace first on each expression, in the frame of C2, may be a bit tedious since those expressions are tied to the plugin (likely Nuggeta object) in the first place.

    It will probably be the kind of plugin that the expression dialog is a must have for so it's not that big of a deal I guess

    It's just not the most "current" way of naming expressions we're used to. (they tend to be closer to plain English, less "computer language" oriented)

    Nevertheless good job and thanks on providing a full plugin for your service !

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