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    My second plugin for the day is an iFrame plugin that allows you to view web pages from within your game or app. Implementation of the HTML iFrame into Construct :)

    Hope it works for all - let me know :)

    Download iFrame plugin

    Some time soon I will add functionality for styling, removing border, etc. I'm assuming this will be most useful for many of you.

    After thinking of what next, I think the following is a good list of what to expect

    • Cookie storage object (set/get variables that your game / app can remember)
    • IMG object for loading images on the fly
    • DIV object which will also come with a loadpage command that will use Ajax to load content into the div
  • It's cool~

    You and septeven are making plugins of html editor.

  • I've edited the title of both the AJAX POSTer and this plugin to add the [Plugin] tag (makes it easier to spot in the forum list).

    Good job on producing plugins.

    About the cookies, you know there is already the webstorage that allows to store variables and stuff. It's specific to HTML5 but it can be used like cookies for storage.

    Cookies retrieving could still be usefull for session/security uses though.

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  • hey hey, I did exactly the same plugin, but I gave up cause of some issues of compatibility with browsers.

  • Septeven - :)

    That's where the DIV plugin will come in handy. It will have the ability to act like an iframe, and load pages.

  • nice!!!

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