[Plugin]CB Hash (MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256)

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  • Kyatric Thanks, I will have a look and hope I don't get too old before I understand what's going on there

  • Is there a C3 version of this plugin?

  • Not yet, I need to work on it.

  • Ah ok, thanks!

  • I just wanted to let you know I added the plugin to my released game. I wanted to add some more security to the leaderboard.

    It works like a charm (tested on real devices and web), and I'm now waiting for Google Play and Apple to accept the release package.

    +1 to add a C3 version. Thanks for your work, Kyatric!

  • To anyone who is also looking for a C3 version of this plugin, thanks to blackhornet’s tool I converted it.

    Kyatric: May I publish a link so anyone can download a C3 version of your plugin?

    I tested this and it works like a charm. See my related post.

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  • : Yes go ahead.

    Thanks for testing it.

  • : Yes go ahead.

    Thanks for testing it.

    You're welcome!

    Thank you for making it.

    So, thanks to blackhornet 's tool here is the Construct 3 version of your plugin: cbhash_release_r70_1.0-c3.zip

    If for some reasons the link is not working in the future, just pm me.

  • I'm new to Construct 3 and just downloaded cbhash from your link. The addon manager is looking for a .c3addon file. I didn't see it so I'm not sure how to get it installed. And thanks for converting it.

  • MathNook: Rename the archive "cbhash_release_r70_1.0-c3.zip" into "cbhash_release_r70_1.0-c3.c3addon" and C3 should install the addon.

  • Kyatric: Thanks I got it installed. It wouldn't install at first as the browser console was showing the error "Error installing addon: Error: missing addon.json" The addon.json file was there but it was 2 folders deep so I went to that folder re-zipped the files and was able to load it.

    So if anyone has trouble adding this addon, do this:

    1. Unzip the downloaded zip file

    2. go to where the addon.json file is and zip all of those files/directories.

    3. Save zip file with the name Kyatric mentioned above: "cbhash_release_r70_1.0-c3.c3addon"

    After that you should be able to add it via the addon manager in C3

    Thanks again Kyatric!

  • Kyatric found something error on getting sha1

    the string is


    the sha1 got by cbhash is c55c6794d4f76d87aaf8139ecda5b875a2e7c30b

    but the right sha1 is C7961CC7357F8A991EDF5A93DAF1E69B2D7C30AB by any sha1 verifying site like http://www.convertstring.com/en/Hash/SHA1

    is the " in the string made this mistake? or just my bad?

  • vzad: The general string should be in quotes. And when using quotes within the string, you should add double quotes to indicate them as "quote character", not just "string quote".

  • please update it and add mor hashing algorithm like sha512

  • Need help! SHA1 or MD5 does not give the same value as PHP. Tried MD5B and SHA1B as well, still the same problem.

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