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  • I have a few of suggestions for future inclusions in the plugins if you are looking for input:

    Diagonal isometric movement like the blue ball in this image: kirupa.com/developer/isometric/images/ball3dcompare.gif

    The possibility of creating a 3D tile grid with CubeTx. So far it seems only chess can have a spatial z-dimension, which makes creating playing fields like this more difficult: filebuzz.com/software_screenshot/full/isometric_turn_based_strategy-440698.png

    Finally, isometric hex projection would be awesome:


    Your plugin is already fantastic, but if you are looking for ways to improve it even further, those are at least my most wanted features.

  • aktarus

    Yes, you are right. One of way to create tiles/chess is using "for" condition, so you could use loopindex("x") , loopdindex("y") to assign the logic X, Y index.

  • Monokkel

    Thanks for the advice. These plugins could not support 3d tiles except CubeTx , so it only can display 3d tile.

    I will add this to my TODO list.

  • Hi rexrainbow.

    Is there a way to implement something like perlin noise with your plugin to generate a random but good looking logical maps ?

    Thank you

  • aktarus

    Yes, you are right. One of way to create tiles/chess is using "for" condition, so you could use loopindex("x") , loopdindex("y") to assign the logic X, Y index.

    That's quite the list :)

    I think it would be a great addition, as much of the point of isometric projection is to create the illusion of depth, and having a z-dimension greatly increases this illusion.

  • Spider_hip

    I'm not sure. I need to find an algorithm to do that. It is better to make another plugin to create a random array like that.

  • Release chess bank plugin to help designer save/load board(chess) more easily.

  • I'm completely confused.

    I just tried to make my Procedural tile map generation. there is a tile object with 3 frames.

    for x from 0 to 10

    for y from 0 to 10

    create tile to loopindex(x), loopindex(y)

    stop animation

    tile.frame = random(3)

    set animation frame to tile.frame

    It creates random framed map.

    Now I want to make

    (Neither I can't get chess.chess.UID's sub properties nor loopindex(x)-1. sub properties)

    compare loopindex(x)-1.tile.frame not equal loopindex(x).tile frame then

    global.randomize50 = random(1)

    if global.randomize50 = 1 then

    loopindex(x).set animation frame = loopindex(x)-1.tile.frame

    Which I try to do is if a tile is frame 1 then %50 chanse for tile which is on right is also frame 1.

    Maybe I don't have enough english to explain my self. Sorry about that.

    I just tried to make smth like perlin. Like stones pile up somewhere, irons pile up somewhere else (with high probability)


    I know I really have to learn math. I unfortunately suck at math.

    my second problem is, Is there anyway to do smth like

    if there is tile.frame = 2 then

    for 5 squares range there is not another tile.frame = 2

    maybe this is not the place to ask these questions. I wish if there was a way to get object's property's with for example

    Chess.Chess.DIR2UID(2,0).private variable

    But I can't access to exact tiles while on for condition.

    Sorry to disturb.

    Thanks for any advice

  • Update

    [Plugin] board

    • Fix bug when picking instance after creating chess.
  • Hi Rex, are some of the files corrupt? They don't appear as openable files e.g. rex_board, rex_board_hexTx, rex_chess, etc...

    They show up as just 'file' rather than 7z like your other plugins

    When I try and open them anyway with WinRar and unload them to the plugins folder, an error pops up: "Unable to load plugin in c:construct2\exporters\html5\plugins\rex_chess':found 'GetPluginSettings' global, but it is not a function

    This plugin will not be available in the editor

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  • EyeHawk

    rex_chess is a behavior, put at c:construct2\exporters\html5\behavior folder.

  • Hi all,

    I would like to add more SOL methods to help designer pick chess more easily, any suggestion?

  • Thanks Rex, I mixed up some of the behaviors when copying to the plugin/behavior directories - all is working now

  • Update

    [Plugin] Board

    • add "condition:Pick chess at Logic X,Y,Z"
    • "condition:Pick chess above tile UID", now the parameter of tile's UID could be number, or a JSON string for a list of tiles. It is useful to get chess from instance group.

    For example

    <img src="http://i1081.photobucket.com/albums/j352/rexrainbow1/screen-1_zps55208f2e.png" border="0" />

    The tiles with matched symbol will be saved into instance group "match 3".

    Use expression: GroupToString("match 3") to get tile's UID in JSON string. Then put this string in parameter of tile's UID.

    + Pick chess above tile UID: InstGroup.GroupToString("match 3")
  • Update

    [Plugin] Board

    • Fix bug on "action:Swap"

    [Behavior] Grid move

    • Add "action:Swap", to swap with other chess which has grid move behavior.
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