[Plugin]Board, Layout2Board [Behavior] Grid Move

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  • Thank you rexrainbow.. You're great :)

    If we sum all of your plugins and behaviours, It almost equals to strategy maker in c2 :) It's like dream in a dream :)

  • Update

    [Plugin] Board:

    Add action:set board width, action:set board height.

    When set the smaller size, chess/tiles outside the board will be kicked , these chess/tiles could be captured by condition:On chess kicked. See Capx for more detail.


    Here it is.

  • Wow, dude - accept my deepest gratitude. It's a pleasure to "work" with you, for real.

  • xoros

    Thanks. I just enjoy creating plugins.

  • Update

    [plugin] Board

    Add expression:PXY2NearestPX, PXY2NearestPY to get physical position of nearest cell.

    Note: The existed expression:PXY2LY, PXY2LY might return non-integer number if the parameters do not align at boundary (center of cell)

  • I just had to pop in and join the choir in praising you for what an amazing job you're doing, rexrainbow. You've almost single-handedly made me switch from Multimedia Fusion to Construct 2. Keep up the good work!

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  • Monokkel

    Thanks, there are still some board-app plugins in my todo list, like Monopoly movement.

  • Update:

    Please download all plugins/behaviors list in 1st post.

    [Plugin] Board

    • Add expression:LogicDistance , to get logic distance between two chess by uid.
    • Add condition: On the board , to test if a chess instance had been added on this board

    [Behavior] Chess

    • Add condition: On the board , to test if this chess instance had been added on a board

    [Behavior] Grid move

    • Fix bug when wander by using custom solid
    • Add action:set move-able used in custom solid setting. Set mova-able to Yes means set solid to No.

    [Plugin] SquareTx, HexTx, Layout2Borad

    • Update some code, no new feature had been added this time.
  • LogicDistance , to get logic distance between two chess by uid.

    wow , I think this one comes for me. Thank you very much ^^

  • Spider_hip

    You could use slg_movement to get chess instances in a range.

  • Me again with a small request:

    Is it possible to set/get board offset (X,Y) also in the event editor?


  • Update

    [Plugin] SquareTx, HexTx

    • Add expression: Width, Height , to get cell width
    • Add expression: POX, POY , to get offset of board


    Download these two plugins to get new expressions, the action of setting Width/Height/POX/POY had already existed.

  • Hello Rex,

    Could you tell me what is the expression to get the current cell in the loop of generating board?

    I need to create a different chess randomly for each cells of the isometric board.

    Thanks <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • yay, thanks!!!

  • ok, i used "loopindex("x or y")"

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