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  • Update:

    rex_grid_move behavior, to fit the change of official solid behavior.

  • rexrainbow Thank you so much for all you contributions to C2. They really have made life a lot easier! On that note, I've decided to integreate your Board, SquareTx and LayoutToBoard plugins in a grid-based puzzle game I'm creating and have come to a slight speedbump. I've read through this entire board and spotted a couple posts between you and Raziel that sound exactly like what I need, but there was no answer to his question and doesn't appear to have been an update that rectified his problem.


    There is a "wrap" behavior for objects. If applied they reappear on the other side when leaving the layout.

    I want a similar effect for the board itself. You can see on the screenshot that I reached the border of the board. There is white space.

    I wanted the board to be placed there instead of the white space.

    So that one cannot see the borders of the board as it is placed seamlessly.

    e.g. my board is 10x10 tiles. When I reach tile 0,9 and go another step to the right I am on tile 0,0 again and also do not see white space but tiles instead.

    I know how to place the chess there again, when reaching end of the board. But I would like to have a non visible end of the board.

    As I use unbound scrolling there is a white space instead.

    So what I ask for is kind of an infinite board feature where you can keep going in one direction without seeing the end of layout.

    Hope it makes more sense now. 11:16:38


    Okey~ I will try to make another behavior "board wrap" for this purpose, when I had updated my all plugins to support save/load system.rexrainbow2013-04-16 04:07:53

    What I'm looking to do is: On a touch, pick the sprite touched and then according to which direction (vertical or horizontal) a swipe is, move the tiles in that row or column, then once they reach the opposing edge of the board, have them "wrap" back around to the opposite side. I've been working on a masking solution for this, but I'm not sure how it will affect/alter the Board and logic location of the info contained by each sprite that was moved.

    So my question is: Raziel - Were you ever able to figure out a solution to this problem? rexrainbow - Did you ever create a plugin/behavior that accomplishes this task? If not, do you have a clue that will help me figure this out? Thanks again!!!

  • iwontnamemyself

    Sorry, I really forgot it. Add it into my TODO list.

    Currently, I am working on a "chess group" called "mini board" plugin and some behaviors, to put it on a rex_board, or rotate it.

  • rexrainbow I kind of figured it was forgotten about. I actually looked at Raziel 's profile and he/she hasn't posted anything in over a year, so either they figured it out, or quit working on it all together. lol

  • iwontnamemyself

    Actually, I had not imaged that how to make an "infinite board". It will take me more time to find the solution.

  • Update:

    Behavior: rex_grid_move -

    Add "MoveTo" property. Set Yes will move chess by built-in moveTo behavior ( default ). Set No will only move the logical position, user need to maintain physical moving manually.

  • rexrainbow - I keep getting an error when I try to use LogicPin, but I can't find an update for it on your plugins page. Is there anywhere else I can find it?

  • iwontnamemyself

    Thanks for notification. I had fixed it. Please download it again.

    I will rewrite document of this behavior later.

  • Thank you rexrainbow !!!

  • rexrainbow - I still can't find it on your plugins page. Is it called something different?

  • rexrainbow - Also the link your pin2imagepoint behavior is throwing a 404 error.

  • iwontnamemyself

    Thanks, I miss this plugin. Now it had been uploaded.

    pin2imagepoint behavior - Link.

    The document of chess pin had not been rewrote. You might see this page for ACE. I will release document later.

    Edit: add document of chess pin behavior.

  • Awesome, Thanks rexrainbow

  • rexrainbow - So I'm reluctantly coming to the realization that using a masking system to duplicate the sprites for each row/column is the way to go, but I just haven't been able to get it to work with your Board plugin logic, even with your LogicPin behavior.

    I'm wondering if you know a way to duplicate an entire row or column of a Board object and place the duplicates on each side of the Board location. To look something like this onedrive.live.com/redir where blue is the main Board and pink are duplicate rows of the main Board object.

    I think that may be the only way to produce a wrapping effect for a short distance in either direction.

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  • Update

    Add a new behavior:rex_chess_road, which could set frame according to neighbors.


    BTW, chess set plugins are released. I will add moving of chess set later.

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