[Plugin]Board, Layout2Board [Behavior] Grid Move

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  • Skillasaurus

    One solution is , set the LX,LY after parent chess stop.

    Or I could make a "logic pin" behavior. Using pin + "logic pin" together to set position and LXY follow parent chess.

  • rexrainbow

    Forum does not let write even a reply. So here is a "Save as" link to a very short example.

    I hope this helps to understand what I try out.:


    Haha, can not even post a link with below 500 Rep...

  • There is no SetLX/SetLY. I could use Move I guess and it would be the same thing. My project has over 1000 Sprites on the screen at once updating and moving with custom physics using your Board and GridMove plugin. I try to avoid ForLoops with the Sprites as much as I can, but I would have to run it on all the sprites to find those attached to the Parent? I think it might lower performance but I will test it out when I get home. Still, if it is not too much work for you, a Logic Pin behavior would be very nice. It seems like it would not be too much work, but I don't know the SDK. Thanks for your help

  • Skillasaurus

    logic pin behavior


    I guess you might be interesting in this demo.

    • drag blue chess, they will move together
    • chess could not overlap
  • You are awesome bro thank you. Testing now. Will edit this post later

  • Update

    [Plugin] board

    • fix bug in action chess move

    [Behavior] chess

    • fix bug in action chess move

    [Behavior] grid move

    • add action stop , it only stop moving.
  • Hey Rexrainbow, im getting the "unable to load plugin" error message on start up for Rex_Chess, Rex_Grid_Move, and Rex_text_fpsmonitor. Not sure why. Any ideas?

  • Bradfordhinkle

    Put Rex_Chess, Rex_Grid_Move, and Rex_text_fpsmonitor into behaviors folder.

  • Thanks Rex!

    Im completely new to construct an have very little code experience so i really appreciate your help and these plugins.

  • Hey Rex, In the Hex Tile Map Events. How could set a specified range of Hex Tile Instances to have a certain Instance variable Value?

    So for example, i am trying to build a turn based strategy game with different types of terrain. Lets say i wanted to simulate a river going across the center of the map that would reduce the amount of spaces a unit could move once a unit moves onto one of these hexes. Where and what would i place in the event system to make this possible?

  • Bradfordhinkle

    You might try slg_movement plugin.

  • Hello, i try to do something from an example you have post but stuck.

    Here is the capx: dropbox.com/s/oyd77me3c1g1ead/example1.capx

    As you can see, you can move chess with arrows. When you press key "a" or "s" tiles and the chess can move with pin behavior, but then the chess cant move anymore. I try to use LogicPin but cant to nothing. It seems easy but i cant do it.

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  • gabrilos

    Humm... It seems that you want move the board by moving all of the chess/tiles.

    The position of the chess/tiles are calculated by board + squareTx -- the position of logic (0,0) is defined at squareTx. You need to reset this value to new position.

    BTW, this case is rare.

  • When I run the Sample file , the error always jump out ...

    <img src="http://xiangce.baidu/picture/detail/0eb3f9a20ecd6a230132b2867e0f2f075e13501e" border="0" />

    Can you help me ... <img src="smileys/smiley11.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> <img src="smileys/smiley11.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> <img src="smileys/smiley11.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • rexrainbow

    the error is "Object# <Runtime> has no method getObjectByUID"

    I used your plugins repository v2 to update the plugins and behaviors but why it makes no sense...

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