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  • Update

    Fix "Action:Full window" and "Action:Full screen".

    "Action:Full window" sets the size of player to the window size, it can be called at any time.

    "Action:Full screen" is a real full screen mode, it only can be called after player had been initialized and under a user input like touch (sample capx), i.e "Action:Full screen" can not be called under condition:on start of layout.

    Error will be shown at console if calls this action not under user input -

    [quote:er2xvvfv]Failed to execute 'requestFullScreen' on 'Element': API can only be initiated by a user gesture.


    I am not sure if this updating is helpful for you (or not).

  • Rexrainbow you are my saver

    THANKS SO MUCH for all your help and time on this exellent plugin.

  • You solved that problem

    this is my result NOW with your last bug corrections under Intel XDK

    in Portrait mode

    in Landscape mode

    THANKS so much for all your help during this development.

  • It is possible to keep a bitmap sprite in front(top) of the video?

    i need to keep visible a button, for the user, he can use for full screen and also for leaving the full screen.

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  • imothep85

    1. no sprite could be placed in front of the youtube player, since it is a html element. But user could put a image element which made by Pode in front of this player.

    2. full screen mode of youtube player will cover all things, there is no object could be placed in front of it.

  • whats the plugin name of pode?

    in fact , now your plugi niw workign perfectly full screen but what im trying to achive is, if the player tap the screen i want the youtube player to be or fullscreen OR not in fullscreen mode but i don't know how to achieve that.

  • Update

    Change "Action: resize full screen" to "Action:Set full screen mode", now this action could enter/exit/toggle full screen. (sample capx)


    Try to use "action: exit full screen" under "condition: on tap".

  • thanks again rexrainbow you did an exellent job on this plugin and all the others

  • if i add, on start of layout enter fullscreen and then, toggle fullscreen when i tap, nothing happens

  • imothep85

    "Enter full screen" could not be executed "on start of layout", it only could be called under user input like "on touch start".

    ( It is for security, to prevent application full screen always. )

  • Update

    Fix bug in toggle full screen.

  • aaaaaaah

  • I found the function you added "Resize to full windoe" very exellent, but HOW to leave the full windoe??

    I tried YoutubePlayer has ended and disabled resize to full windoe but it is not working :s

    What i need to achieve is simpple, when video has ended then the youtubeplayer leave the full windoe mode.

  • Update

    Change "Resize to full window" to "Set full window", which can enter or exit or toggle full window. ( Capx )


    Try add "exit full window" under "Condition:On playback event - Ended".

  • cool im going to try this update

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