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  • Hi Rex,

    It works fine with the new property & action.

    Great job, thanks.

  • it works perfecty under android, it is possible to disable the function pause/stop, if the user click on the current playing video??

  • imothep85,

    I dont´t think so. I didn´t find anything about it in the Youtube API.

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  • maybe its possible to disable the touch function when the video is playing instead

  • frcol


    I try to call "action: play" under "condition: on pause" event (capx), it looks like the pausing is disable.

  • rexrainbow


    it was a really good workaround!

  • I have a Problem with this plugin, Under Android

    When i play the video on Portrait format video is right scaled

    BUT when i change the orientation of my mobile to horizontal (landscape) The video has not the right Scale, the video become very very small

    I added on start of layout Resize to Fullscreen But that change nothing

    I want the video to be allways fullscreen i mean video fill all the mobile screen, actually i don't know HOW to solve this when i switch from Portrait To Landscape view

    My app is 480, 800px

    This is what happens when i run my app

    First screenshot app is in portrait 480x800px

    When i run the video with my mobile vertically holded (portrait) it looks like this

    its in full screen and runs well

    When i move my mobile from vertical to horizontal for the video (Landscape) i get this

    Video keep 480x800px in landscape mode

    When the video start it looks like this

    How to solve this problem???


  • imothep85

    I am not sure.

    I also found that the object size is strange while rotating mobile device without full screen. I need more time to find out the reason.

  • Thanks a lot Rexrainbow, im actually working on an app who need to play youtube video for my work office, and im stuck with this problem hope you can quickly solve that bug.

    Thanks again

  • imothep85

    I'm afraid that I can not find solution quickly. I have no idea about this problem.

  • Can you get some help from others developers?

  • Maybe this can help???


    <iframe id="video" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/5iiPC-VGFLU?rel=0&autoplay=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/code:29tyisuz]
  • Something has to be wrong with the iframe or encapsueld link if you make an app 480,800px with youtube plugin size 480x800px, EXPORT to cordova and then inside INTEL XDK if you change from Portrait to Landscape the youtubeplayer stay in portrait mode 480x800

    IF you CLICK on the name "YOUTUBE" at the bottom of the video player THEN youtube website appears FULL SCREEN at the RIGHT SCALE LANDSCAPE, how this is possible???

    its a full browser????

    This plugin is reall wierd is not a real "video player" it looks like an ambed player who just play urls from youtube.

    it show all the youtube website in full screen mode....


    i click on the word "YOUTUBE" at the bottom of the video


  • Also i was reading this:

    In the location bar (where you enter URLs), type "about:permissions" and hit enter.

    Under "All sites", look at the permissions for sites you may have used fullscreen on, like youtube.com

    You'll see a Fullscreen setting. Select "Always ask" or "Allow" to allow YouTube to go fullscreen on these sites.

    Try using fullscreen on YouTube again.

    Its maybe something from the browser permissions who is not working with your plugin

  • imothep85

    I only can test it on pc or ipad browser. Sorry I could not test it in mobile app.

    I just set the size of plugin to window size for fullscreen. The player is not controlled by my plugin side (maybe controlled by youtube api I guess), I could not set the orientation of player.

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