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  • Download the plugin from here : Video Call

    Other HMMG Plugins : Plugins Directory

    Demo : capx

    There may be few bugs , I count on you to report me bugs and


    Hey guys , so here is my newest Plugin "VideoCall" ,give Video + Audio Or Audio Only calls (Now you can make your own Viber and WhatsUp)



    How it works

    At first you have to create an Account on this website "Click on Developer - Free" , create you account,then create a new APIkey , copy it and paste it , in the Properties of the Plugin , then you can start using it.

    How to install

    Copy/Paste the Folder in the zip file to your plugin's directory

    Close and re-open Construct 2 if it's opened

    How to use it

    Please Look at the demo to understand , it's quite Complexe but it will be easy when you understand the concept

    ************** Condition **************

    User connected : Trigger when the user connect

    Peer has connected : Trigger when a peer has just connected

    Message received : Trigger when a message is received

    Call received : Trigger when a call is received

    Message sent : Trigger the message is Sent

    User Answer Call : Trigger when user answer a call

    Peer stream received : Trigger when peer stream received

    User stream ready : Trigger when user stream is ready

    User Hang Up : Trigger when user hang up

    ************** Action **************

    Connect : Connect to the server

    Send Message : Send Message to a peer

    Call : Call a peer (You can select the Type Video+Audio , or Audio Only)

    Answer call : Answer a call (You can select the Type Video+Audio , or Audio Only)

    Hang Up : Hang Up a call

    ************** Properties **************

    LastMessagePeerId : Return the last Peer's id that sent a message

    LastCallerPeerId : Return the last Peer's id that called

    LastReceivedMessage : Return the last received Message

    UserId : Return the current User id

    LastSentMessage : Return the last sent message

    PeerStream : Return the peer stream data (The source to add to the video element for peer Stream)

    UserStream : Return the user stream data (The source to add to the video element for user Stream)

    Tested Only on Firefox/Chrome/Opera , if any one can tell us if it works on Mobiles that would be awsome

  • So no one did test this plugin , on a Mobile using cordova or cocoonJS or etc... ?

  • This plugin looks awesome ! My god I need to try it !

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  • keep me updated if you did try it on a mobile and thanks

  • Hi, thanks for making the plugin. I tried the app strictly "as-is" with my own api key.

    Exported the app to Intel XDK, then ran the app on my phone and another on my laptop browser.

    Nothing worked with phone's wifi turned off.

    With wifi on I was able to send a text from the laptop client to the phone.

    Haven't tried between laptops, but would most likely not consider making an app unless it works on mobile devices connected to cell network.

    C2's MP plugin has a similar limitation where it works as an app on a phone but only when connected to wifi. Cell networks lets me fetch room names but not connect to another device.

    Hope that feedback helps.

  • hey thanks a lot i will try to find what's the problem with the Mobiles , but i think that you have to add some permission as Camera Capture ,Audio Capture, Media Capture and EXTERNAL_Storage for android .

    thanks again

  • Hello Your plugin and Wonderful . I'm more pergutando me and later add other users How ?

  • Hi, i export project to public dropbox folder and send indexhtml link to my brother. When we open demovideoCall we cant connect

  • you have to set your API Key

  • Max concurrent peers should be like in default 50

    and Max concurrent peers per IP 50


  • yes

  • But you can unlimite it , if you use host your own server

  • Can't it be made so that the video call plugin can use C2's multiplayer plugin instead of peerjs?

  • hello, sorry for the English. I am also having problems with android as hmott. It does not connect, connect, will not chat or video and sometimes if chat works only on a user, but wifi (sometimes) seems to work well.

    You can be any configuration of IntelXDK?

  • Hello !

    I do not understand how to install the API key veins that I created.

    I am French, I did not understand, if someone can tell me that would be nice!

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